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A letter written to a friend on tumblr. Dear Scarlet, You are such a comfort, in the way that only a true friend can be. You offer me just enough vision of hope and of magic that each time you write I feel all at once peace and the tremulous possibility of a universe whose […]

Here is a short story written by Indigo to take up the slack where I am busy. This is Indigo’s first story here but hopefully not her last, so enjoy. = She leans back on the sofa, resting the back of two fingers on her lips. Her back is straight and she looks ahead at […]

Weekly Round-up


I have been totally tied up for the last week. Indigo is off work with various ailments and we have a house guest. All this when the damn maid is on holiday and all the slaves are on strike. So guess who is cooking, cleaning, taxi-driving and entertaining? No not him, he wasn’t available. But […]

Vintage Sunday


Spanking Cream


I saw the picture above and was put in mind of something. I don’t know what they are doing in this lovely retro shot – as she doesn’t have a thermometer, spank cream is a good a guess as any. Spank cream might be one of those little women’s things us chaps don’t know about. […]



Jack Seagrove slunk back into the shadows and pulled the collar of his knee-length leather coat up around his neck in a forlorn hope of keeping off the rain. His dark shoulder-length hair hung in rats tails as it was and the second sneeze in as many minutes made him wonder if he wasn’t coming […]



I am very, very excited. Today I am going to  watch Insidious 2. It is a film about ghosties and things that go bump in the night and is supposed to be (drum roll please) “very scary indeed.” DJ is not entirely approving. He thinks that just because I spend a few weeks after watching […]

While the world was obsessing about 50 Shades back in January another BDSM mainstream movie slipped under the radar. The far more inteligent and stylish The Duke of Burgundy is a British drama film written and directed by Peter Strickland. The whole look and feel of the movie is retro 1960s and early 1970s psychedelic […]

Weekly Round-Up


What a quiet week in Spankville. For once I have had time to check things out and people haven’t been updating. As for myself I am a bit behind with the stories, but that is more to do with PC problems. I am also a little behind with answering my email. Indigo and I did […]