Weekly Round-Up


!wr about !wr allthings !wr stan !wr thrashed-bottom-640x480 !wr devlin !wr flying-strap !wr able !wr Dreams-of-Spanking_pandora-sponsored-caning003This is all going to be about me unfortunately. I am determined to be the only website not to mention Jeremy Clarkson. Damn. Well that just about sums up my week.

I am not going to complain that I have been too busy. Indigo is still unwell and needs ongoing help so the blog has suffered. On top of that we have had the builders in again and various other issues. So my apologies for not answering emails and comments as often and fully as I would have liked.

My apologies too if you are a follower of All Our Yesterday’s. This was my vintage spanking blog that suddenly vanished last week along with my entire Tumblr account. Tumblr have refused to answer my inquiries about this and I have no idea why this happened. The images were all copyright free and I used a fair quote of reblogging. I have no idea what the issue was. Crimson and Black went the same way following a complaint by a professional photographer whose images I did not use and was renowned for stealing other people’s images. I can only conclude that Tumblr have no discernment for complaints and a malicious complainer just made an unjustified claim. Either that or I was hacked, but this doesn’t seem likely or Tumblr would have answered my inquiry.

Indigo has been invited to start her own blog, an event that would be widely welcome I am sure. However, she is not going anywhere. It’s not safe out there and I am keeping her here where I can keep an eye on her. But I am hoping she will write more fiction.

Speaking of fiction, many thanks to everyone who has bought Spanking the Dames. The sales from such books help pay for the hosting and software costs to keep up this blog. If only I could write a book as good as 50 Shades then I too could make this my day job. Perhaps I’ll go and present a motoring show instead. I could always spank the female producers if they didn’t give me my tea.

The pictures this week are from: Able, the Spanking Blog, Devlin O’Neil, CutiePie, Au Fils Des Jours, All Things Spanking, Dreams of Spanking and About Spanking.

10 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble at the moment. I’m glad to hear Indigo is staying put and hope she feels better soon and hope this week looks better than the last 🙂

  2. 2 MrJ

    I hope she will be better soon. I´m sure you are taking good cy are, and happy that we can now enjoy her writings here.

  3. 3 MrJ

    Oh – and otherwise this has apparently been a week of quiet acceptance.

  4. 4 Ansh

    Hope she gets well soon. I’m hoping for more fiction from her as well. 😀

    I’m also hoping you don’t write anything that resembles Fifty Shades in any way. Other than sales, that is! :p

  5. 5 Richard

    Mad dogs and englishmen …..present company excepted offcorse Sorry for you trouble ever pearents like me get hacked richard branrons service in the USA had no fire wall so i was asked which one in which city or state i was when i attenpted to add min. Uery frustrateing

  6. So sorry everything is coming down at once! That is the way of life, unfortunately. Hugs and love. (Had to google Jeremy Clarkson. Thank you for keeping me on my toes British stuff-wise.)

  7. Like Scarlet, I’m going to google Jeremy Clarkson as soon as I’m finished here. Hope Indigo feels better soon.

    Life never allows us to get complacent, does it?

  8. 8 Lily

    DJ. your IQ would have to drop sharply to write a book as good as (as bad as?) 50 Shades. Writing one as popular would be terrific, though.

    Another reader who didn’t know who Jeremy Clarkson is. Hm, if you were to present a motoring show, I wonder where you would find producers who would be willing to put up with the consequences of not bringing you tea. 😉

    I hope this week proves better for you and Indigo.

  9. 9 DJ

    Just in case this comment reply comes out strangely I will point out that the browsers seems to have shut me out of my own blog and is picking up all kinds of strange things this end? So I am attempting to comment as a reader would.

    If it works okay I might delete this bit and above.

    Indigo is more or less fine now and has gone back to work. The builders too are off the case for a while and everything is almost back to normal except that with Easter and work I am now behind on the blog – hence another story from Indigo rather than me.

    Thanks very much for the concern.

    The Clarkson comment by me has thrown up (albeit in a small way) the Atlantic divide. Not only have our American friends not heard of Clarkson – but my reference to tea is a colloquial reference to the early evening meal and not the beverage called tea. See Lily’s comment. 🙂

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  1. 1 Nicely framed « Grumpy old fart!!!

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