Spanking the Dames


dames_spankingFor those who like a e-books, LSF have published another novella of mine entitled Spanking the Dames. It comprises of all six of the Justice Adjustment Stories in one volume.

Here is the publishers blurb:

It’s very much business as usual at the somewhat dilapidated New York offices of William Wendell Wentworth’s Private Justice Adjustment Incorporated, an outfit set up with the sole purpose of handing out well-deserved spankings to dames who have it coming to them.

First client of the day is Ophelia Open, sent there by her ex-husband after he discovered that she and her sister, Sophie, had swindled him out of some money. Ophelia soon finds herself stripped and her bare bottom on the receiving end of William Wentworth’s leather belt. Later, once her punishment is concluded, she learns that her ex- might be prepared to give their marriage another go. Sophie, however, has opted to skip town and make a run for it, but Wentworth dispatches his employee, George Benedict, to track her down. Once George has caught up with her, she is taken to a woodshed and, bending over a trestle, is subject to an initial spanking with a razor strop followed by a vigorous switching. It seems, however, despite her chastisement at his hands, that Sophie might be falling for George.

Meanwhile, back in New York, 30-year-old blonde Carolyn Brady has arrived at Wentworth’s offices with an interesting proposition…

2 Responses to “Spanking the Dames”

  1. 1 pierrepoint1

    Another excellent group of stories. A steal for $2.99!

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