Spanking in the 1930s


vin argentinaI was surfing one reference from another and ended up on Google reader reading about wife spanking in the 1930s. The dateline put me in mind of a post on Slapper-At’s published here about the seeming craze of young women seeking out spanking fun during the roaring twenties, 1930s and into the 1940s.

The OTK illustration below was used in a magazine article of this time but then I remembered a book I had with anecdotes about spanking in this era, which had similar illustrations.

There was too much on this in the end to do this subject justice, especially when my concentration for research isn’t all that it might be. But here is a taster for a subject to which we might return.

Ray Visconte of Lousiville was acquitted on all charges last week after spanking his wife. The wife, 29-year-old wife Velma Visconte, testified that she was in no way put out by her husband’s treatment of her and in her own words, “she probably deserved it anyway.”

Police had been earlier called to the house in the Albemarle District following a disturbance. On arriving police found 38-year-old Ray Visconte spanking his wife across his knees on the steps of their apartment house.

Despite assurances from Mrs Visconte that she was no worse for wear from the experience her husband was arrested for disturbing the peace.

She was later quoted as saying, “Ray sure has a heavy hand and knows how to apply it when he needs to.”

1-1930s OTK

7 Responses to “Spanking in the 1930s”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Eternal experiences.

  2. 3 Rollin Hand

    Fascinating, DJ. I’ve never heard of this. It certainly stirs my imagination for story plots as I’m sure it does yours.

  3. Interesting that he was arrested anyway.

  4. 5 Danielle♡

    Too funny. Imagine having to explain that one.

  5. 6 Tony

    I am not positive about this exactly but I think my grandmother was a spanked wife way back then. I was born in 1947. I say this because when I was very young maybe 3 or 4 I remember my grandmother telling my mother, your father is going to spank me good if I don’t find where I put his keys. It sounded so normal to me. She lost grandpa’s keys and he will spank her for it. I didn’t give it a second thought. I do remember that my mother found the keys someplace before grandpa got home.


  6. 7 DJ

    This snippet is almost workaday – there are so many like this from pre-WW2 and earlier – you can find many just by checking on google reader for old newspaper and magazine articles.

    So it must have been a fairly common cultural happenstance – so Tony it really wouldn’t surprise me.

    So yes Leigh it is interesting he was arrested – but maybe it was a disturbing the peace issue. Kind of funny as Danielle says.

    As Rollin says the imagination boggles.

    The slapper-at angle as mentioned in the earlier article is a puzzle. Even so long after writing it I have found no other reference and a search on either ‘slapper-at’ or ‘spanker-at’ leads back to my own article or to an article referencing it.

    I have found passing references but no more details.

    I did see a movie where the term was used but not explained and one person emailed me a while back to say they thought it was a Flapper craze.

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