Weekly Round-up


spanked heroines corner time corner time spanked girl on bed spankingI have been totally tied up for the last week. Indigo is off work with various ailments and we have a house guest. All this when the damn maid is on holiday and all the slaves are on strike. So guess who is cooking, cleaning, taxi-driving and entertaining? No not him, he wasn’t available. But you get the picture.

Not that I am complaining, it is just that as you can imagine I haven’t been looking at blogs, including this one, so I am even behind on approving and reading comments.

Indigo on the other hand has been very productive (including some fiction) and I have an editing schedule of her work stretching out into the next millennium.

I am planning, and be mindful of mice and men here, to continue Ad Astra (three quarters of a chapter unfinished for months), Raw, Abraham Heights and the next book.  Also half written: Sinclair Method, and the desert adventure romance that needs a better name…

As people have asked and haven’t replied to any emails (sorry) the League mentioned in the Spank-o-gram story is the League of Spankists, a short story from a while ago.

Indigo will be here on Wednesday, but tomorrow maybe my first non-story day in years (but who knows?).

Pictures above archive stuff.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Well, even non-work yielded a well-told story. ;-))
    But i do wish you the bestest of well.

  2. 3 amaranth

    A few months ago, I came across one of your stories, which linked to another and another – they were too good to resist. Eventually, I began reading your blog from the beginning and just now I finally caught up with you, so it seems an appropriate time to de-lurk and say thank you for so many wonderful stories and treasured insights. I feel less alone than when I began, and I’m immensely grateful. Hope domestic paradise is regained soon.

  3. Take a breath and time for you for a minute. 60 seconds doesn’t seem that long, but it can have a big impact ( pun intended) 😉 it is hard but everyone else will live if you need a break. The question is can you? Rest.
    Lots of Peace and Love. Please tell Indigo that I hope she feels better soon.

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