A Public Switching


real public switchingI have no idea where this is from or what is going on. It might even be a cleaver fake. But knowing your prurient tastes I thought I would share.

21 Responses to “A Public Switching”

  1. 1 cindy2

    If the picture is real, it would appear that something far more interesting is occurring ahead and to the left that would cause the guys to avert their eyes from the woman’s switched bottom. Perhaps another woman is now undergoing a switching?

    It seems that the switch “marks” are more pronounced on her left side than on her bottom. Perhaps this is the result of the flash of the camera illuminating her side more than her bottom. Otherwise, I would suspect “wrapping” of the instrument of punishment, but to what extent does a switch wrap without breaking? I’ve been punished with a leather strap and there is a little wrapping sometimes, but there seems to be much more wrapping in this picture when a more rigid implement–a switch–was used. It seems counterintuitive that a more supple and flexible implement (a strap) would cause less wrapping and a more rigid implement would cause more wrapping. Then again, it may depend on the length of the switch. A long switch might be more likely to wrap.

    I have to admit that I would like to be the recipient of a switching on the bare. I wonder what a thorough switching would feel like when compared to a thorough strapping. Prurient tastes can not only refer to the desire to observe such pictures of adults being punished. They can also refer to the desire to taste an instrument as it bites into one’s flesh.

    • 2 Tony

      Cindy2, I’m sure if you really want to experience a switching it can be arranged. Just ask and you will receive.

  2. 3 Jon MontanaVega

    If that is a cleaver fake, I’d like to order a whole set of the cutting utensils.
    Does the deluxe set come with a butcher block table suitable for trying on the spankables?
    LOL. Jon

    • 4 DJ

      Some people have some real talent when it comes to fakes. I have no idea on this except the situation looks so unlikely.

  3. 5 Tony

    I agree with Jon. If this is a fake, it is well done and I would also like to see more. As for the wrapping, I have to agree that it must be a very long and supple switch. Those switch stripes look very real and I suspect were very painful.

  4. 6 Becky

    This looks so painful even without the lady having to stand where everyone can survey the results of her disciplining. Like Cindy I wonder how painful a switching is compared to the strap or cane which I have been the deserved recipient of. I know how red and welted my behind looks after 12 of the best but this looks very raw and painful.

  5. 7 DJ

    I really have no idea about this at all – my one thought is could it be the burning man festival? If so then they appear to play rough.

  6. This is obviously photoshopped. I believe the girl is from Real Spanking Network.

    • 9 LurkerFan

      Hi O.H.M. I’ve seen you around a lot. I’m pretty up to date with the Real Spanking Network and don’t immediately recognize this well switched girl. But that certainly doesn’t mean she is not a RSN girl. Who is she?
      The missing spot by her knees is the giveaway that its photoshoopped. The look doesn’t feel natural but the lighting does.

      • 10 DJ

        Well I dispute that it is ‘obviously’ photo-shopped – but that was my first guess – I welcome your expert analysis – both of you.

        • Although I would LOVE to say that it is real, it just simply isn’t. Firstly, why would this girl be standing among a group of jeans clad men naked with her ass whipped and no one takes notice? I guess that could be something to be speculated on, but what is indisputable is the lighting and shadows. While everyone else is in dim lighting she shines like a seraph. Next, she cast shadows much wider than everyone elses. The space where her legs part and the shadow and the space between her legs and those of the guy standing next to her are unrealistic.
          Usually I am the one holding out for chance of reality, but on this one I must say bunk.

        • 12 DJ

          You misunderstand – I was the first to suggest it might be a fake – I bow to your fine analysis on this – I was just saying that without your expert confidence it isn’t perhaps obvious to everyone that this is a fake. 🙂

          The lighting etc is no doubt telling – but I have seen burning man pictures where no one cares about scenes like this.

  7. 13 cindy2

    Like Becky, I deserved the strap when I received it–or simply needed it for reasons I can’t fully articulate. I too, if I receive a sufficient number of hard strokes, welt and I can’t say I am sorry about the welts. That’s why I keep coming back to the picture above of the switching, wondering how I would tolerate the switching, how hard I would try to hold still for the person who is switching me. I would be “proud” to wear the marks left by the switch, strange as that statement may seem.

  8. Cave in Rock, Il
    It is a big bike rally place. 😉

    • It happens a lot there. Women are spanked, switched, strapped, made love to, ect. in the open and remain nude because they do as told! Lol
      Peace and Love

      • 17 DJ

        yeah – sometimes 😉

        But then you have to spank, switch, cane them when they don’t 🙂

  9. 18 ja

    The instrument used was obviously right to left, not normal but not unusual. I was whipped with a cane both left to right and Vice Versa which really pains your bum! Two “matrons” did it, one each side, across thin tight stretchy knickers, that caused no cut or bleed but hurt like hell. I received Iodidne treatment after (ouch!) and a loose “kilt” with an internally stitched lining (underskirt) to wear after 30 minutes bare bottom recovery time.. I was sore for a day and had to sleep on my tummy. Incidentally I did deserve it! The “skirt” was an embarasment, everyone knew I was Caned!

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