Sorority Legacy


sorority legacyApparently a legacy is a girl who gets to join a sorority because an older sister, mother, aunt or other close relative was in that sorority. I had to look that one up, not an easy thing as the Greek community are Spartan with their secrets.

Apparently also there is a tradition of giving the legacies in a sorority a harder time than other girls.

I mention this because Anthea wrote to me after seeing the post on sorority insights.


She wrote:

Love this stuff and I have heard much like it over the years. It kind of makes me think I missed out. But that’s not entirely true. Time to fess up.

I was in a sorority in California in the mid 1970s. Hazing was mostly a blast, but mainly treasure hunts, cleaning the john, that kind of thing. No paddling, no swats. My sorority was the one my Aunt Joan joined back in the 1950s so I was a legacy and she always said that sisterhood would soon shake out my wrinkles as she put it.

I think she was disappointed to learn that where she had been paddled I wasn’t. She told me that in her day pledges had to dress immaculately at all times and that meant white gloves and that they had to be in by 10 on Saturday nights. They also couldn’t date boys at all and to be reported or seen with one was big trouble.

Girls who turned up late were met by actives with big paddles who made them gather in the bum room to face the wall. All the late-comers, incorrectly dressed and other rule breakers had to wait until everyone was back and then it was spanking time.

There were different ways to do it I gather. But most ways ended up with at least some swats on the bare. My aunt said typically offenders would bend for three from each of the actives over skirts and then three over panties or girdles and then three on the bare. Then three more as they got dressed.

These swats were given full force and most of the girls were pretty much crying by the time they were done. She also said that there were swats at other times, but she didn’t usually elaborate. I say usually because this brings me to my story.

Aunt Joan invited me and Terri, my Big, to her house by the lake over one summer and of course we heard all the stories. It was embarrassing but quite fruity for me to hear this stuff and my aunt was much more open with another sister there. To make it worse she would say stuff like, “pity you can’t spank Anthea” or worse, “if she gets out of line you can borrow my paddle.”

Then one day during the vacation I arranged to meet Terri in town for shopping and coffee. But I met a boy and without telling Terri I ducked out. In fact I didn’t get home until real late and even Aunt Joan was pissed.

The next day once she had heard the whole story Aunt Joan was real mad, I mean spitting. I had been out with a boy I hardly knew past midnight and my treatment of Terri even made me feel ashamed.

That’s when Aunt Joan dug out her old sorority paddle and handed it to Terri giving her “full permission to use it.” She also said if Terri didn’t then I could either take a paddling from her or get grounded for two weeks with the regrettable impact that would have on Terri’s vacation.

My aunt had spanked me when younger but my folks really didn’t and at almost 19 I thought it was behind me now. But I didn’t want to get grounded and spoil Terri’s vacation and besides I was rather curious. So I agreed to take swats from Terri.

I think Terri was curious too and I know she took some tips from Aunt Joan because after talking it over I was made to go out into the shed and take off my shorts and panties. Then dressed rather self-consciously in just my sneakers and yellow sweat top I bent over some feed sacks to stick my butt out.

Terri gave me 18 slow swats on the bare bottom. Very hard and they were very hard to take. I yelled my head off from swat one and by the end my butt was on fire and I was bawling like a kid. But I had to admire Terri for going through with it and we shook hands. More embarrassing than that was that after a good cry aunt Joan suggested that I was sent to the corner while they had coffee. I felt about three years old. Talk about embarrassed.

It is a summer I won’t forget and it changed my relationship with Aunt Joan and Terri forever. You can bet she took full advantage of her power over me right up until she graduated.

I love the blog by the way and keep those sorority stories coming.


We thank Anthea and as I told her do share some other tales.

9 Responses to “Sorority Legacy”

  1. 1 cindy2

    Greek community, Spartan with their secrets… 🙂

    I could just imagine me in her place, agreeing to accept the swats, removing my shorts and low-cut bikini panties (or thong if that what I was wearing at the time) in the shed, and returning in my sneakers and top. I would then bend over self consciously and try to relax as best I could rather than tense my bottom, awaiting the first stroke of the paddle to descend. I’m sure I would shudder as the paddle repeatedly crashes into my bottom and tears form at my eyes. Enduring eighteen strokes would be quite an ordeal I’m sure, and subsequently when I was alone I would no doubt think of the spectacle I provided to those who watched as my body writhed in pain, my secrets exposed. I blush now just thinking of that prospect. And this is something that would be relived not only in my mind, but in real life as well, as those who participated in my paddling would require me to submit to them again and again.

  2. 2 Tony

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Anthea for sharing your story. Anyone who follows the sorority stories on this blog knows that I am addicted to sorority spanking stories. You have provided me with a very stimulating story. I know that sorority spanking is still alive here in the south but on a much smaller scale than your aunts days. DJ if you ever have a sorority question you need answered just ask. I could have told you what a legacy was. Anthea you finished this story hinting that your big sister paddled you after the summer vacation spanking. Please share your other stores. If you read all the comments in the sorority sections of this blog you will find true stories that I have posted. Cindy2, if you ever want to experience 18 strokes of the sorority paddle I will be happy to provide that for you.

  3. 3 DJ

    Glad you tuned in Cindy

    Thanks Tony – can’t answer for Anthea but my thanks to her too 🙂

  4. Great story Cindy. Thank you. It sounds like your Aunt had been thinking about this for a long time and like a cobra, jumped at the opportunity.

  5. 6 cindy2

    You are tempting me, Tony.

    DJ, your material and that of your visitors draws me back. cindy2

  6. 8 Anthea

    Thank you for the kind words. I just wanted to share my experience.

    It was so long ago now. I think the paddle went out of fashion in the 70s and 80s but may have come back some. I am in my late 50s now but I still hear things on the grapevine.

    Actually I got paddled by my aunt a year after this incident, it made Terri’s efforts that day look gentle. But I deserved it, enough said.

    Terri did paddle me again, more than once, mostly not as bad as that summer. But there were a couple of incidents that came close. I think back on it all now with fondness but it was very embarrassing at the time, not to say painful.

    • 9 DJ

      Thanks for dropping by Anthea and thanks for the original story. 🙂

      Feel free to expand.

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