Weekly Round-Up


1wr 581015956_CAPTBILLY_122_420lo 1wr About4t 1wr About21 1wr desade-whipping-four-large Mason/Candy Engagement Shoot 1wr venus_no_2_spanking_panel 1wr yesterdayFirst I have to say that I am not here this week, I am away on business, so Indigo is looking after the shop. She doesn’t have much to do but I expect I may have to spank her when I get back. It’s a hard life. Sigh.

I only say this because effectively this will be WR light, but you are used to those aren’t you? Also I may be (even) slow(er) in replying to emails.

This week Indigo will be here as usual and there is another short story.

Elsewhere, Natasha Knight has another interview with a Dom. Last week (I am writing on Friday which gets confusing) she questioned Secret Spanko and you can read it here.

Scarlet so liked my interview the week before that she dedicated a moving spanking gif to me, isn’t that thoughtful.

The pictures were taken from: About Spanking, Au Fils Des Jours, Chross, Chicago Spanking Review, Spanking Blog, Spank Statement and All Our Yesterday’s.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. So you saw that! Seemed a bit gentle to fit in one of your stories. More like DJ Lite.

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