Taking it like a man


vin judicial paddling vin judicial paddling2Here’s one of those little forum finds you so love. I have no context whatsoever for this and apart from some small edits I publish it as is. I am not sure if this is UK-based or American experience, but my guess is that it is from the US.

Elizabeth_2 wrote:

Yes I got that, great story, but I am not sure where that leaves us. The point is my great aunt was one of the first women cadets so I guess they had no idea how to handle the changes at that time. I certainly don’t think they had any political agenda at all, except maybe that they did not want her there because she was a woman.

The sanctions used on the male cadets were so many swats with a paddle depending on the offence and at what level they handled things. Yes, my aunt took it on the bare a few times and I have no idea whether this was unusual. I didn’t exactly talk this over with her when I was a kid. Remember I only got told about this within the bounds of yet another ‘you kids are lucky’ speech.

I know that she got six or more swats on the seat of her clothed bottom several times. Each time it was from a woman instructor. She also got some more serious work-outs also on the clothed behind, and also from a woman. It was these that she mostly talked about and I gather that she found them hard to take and had trouble sitting down afterwards. I know too that she got swats from a senior male instructor more than once, but I don’t think this was usual.

I know that at least twice she got swats on the bare, but I don’t know if these were from men or women or if she got more swats at these times. I think that the two times she got it bare it was worse for her but I have no idea if she was only getting the same treatment as the men. Only that my aunt implied that it was.

I hope that makes things clear.

Jane1959 asked:

In high school we never got more than six and usually only four. Do you know how many swats she got or what she got them for?


These were cadets and it was nothing like high school. These kids were all college aged remember. As for rules and number of swats well it is like I said I didn’t exactly get the entire low down. Everything I know I pieced together over a couple of years as a teenager. I am only going on what I remember.

I know six or so was a standard thing and she got that a lot. I know she got quite a bit more a few times and it was these occasions that she most talked about. Like I said before, she had lots of welts and bruises and couldn’t sit down for a few days.

I think I remember her saying she got 24 at some point but I might be making that up. But she definitely got more than just six for the really serious stuff.

I hope that helps.


I couldn’t find the original comments and this thread petered out with some very short comments, questions by trolls and repetitions of the above.

But it makes you wonder what kind of cadets they were and when all of this took place.

4 Responses to “Taking it like a man”

  1. 1 Narve

    A very interesting look into days gone by. Quite a fun read.

    ” I am not sure if this is UK-based or American experience”
    The text spells “offence” with a c, which suggests that the writer, at least, is not American.

    • 2 DJ

      My UK spell-checker may have ‘corrected’ that. My guess is that it is US – cadets in military colleges were usually caned in the UK not paddled – but I really don’t know any more. 😦

  2. 3 Richard

    Sounds like military ones on our east coast West Point Annapolis Coast Guard All had to accepted women in the past fifty years it was quite an adjustment for all concerned

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