Those Sorority Days


sorority1 sorority2 sorority3 sorority4 sorority5In a bit of a rush this week – stories aren’t finished, but I have also had a few requests for sorority stuff and I noticed that I had trailed this a while back and hadn’t delivered.

A while back ‘Anon Sorority Girl’ sent me a collection of apparent sorority pictures telling me ‘totally how my sorority hazing was back in late 1990s.’ I had definitely used some of the pictures before and one or two were unsuitable for use here. But here are the best and most plausibly real.

I love the smiling girl toughing it out with her pants down and the paddle in the background.

14 Responses to “Those Sorority Days”

  1. 1 Former Sorority Girl

    These pictures bring back memories of my sorority days. Back in the 90s I joined a sorority that officially didn’t paddle, but most definitely did.

    Love the pictures, definitely can attest to suffering this. Lol

    Seeing red butts in shower = tick
    having a sister use an indelible marker on my ass to score its size and shape = tick
    outdoor pantie parade with the slowest girls having panties confiscated = tick
    facing the wall with butt hanging out waiting for paddle = tick
    having to hang with panties down until big sister picked most embarrassing time to paddle me = tick

    The last two were mostly in private, but I saw and paddled others with witnesses Lol faces oftentimes were a brighter color than butts.

    Mostly we laughed – but the paddles raised a crop of blisters and bruises.

    Most girls cried at some point and I did my darn best to make that happen.

    • 2 DJ

      Sounds like you were a pro 🙂

      Did you prefer handing it out or receiving?

    • 3 Tony

      Was the paddling used for initiation or discipline or both? Did you have a hell week? I am a sorority spanking junkie. You will find sorority stories on this site that I have shared. I would love to hear more about your paddle encounters both giving and Receiving.

  2. 4 Tony

    My above questions are for Former sorority girl.

  3. 5 DJ

    Hi Tony,

    thanks – hopefully FSG and ASG will comment here soon. 🙂

  4. 6 Former Sorority Girl

    The paddle was used for both initiation on hell night and discipline .

    The discipline side of it was mostly unofficial – I got it good for screwing up from my Biggie and I definitely used it on my Little when she needed it.

    Obviously I preferred dishing it out than getting it and I dished it out at every opportunity. My Little spent most of her pledging unable to sit down and I handled some stuff with her even after that.

    Having said that I kinda miss it -the occasional attitude adjustment is good for a girl of all ages.

    • 7 DJ

      Thanks FSG

      How did you handle things and was it all just by way of a paddle?

    • 8 Tony

      FOR I like your attitude that you are never too old for an attitude adjustment.

  5. 9 Tony

    I worked with Courtney today. She knows I have the SpankO fetish so she wasn’t at all surprised when I asked if she had anything to tell me. She is no help. Now that she is a sorority sister and not a pledge her ass is not in Jeopardy. Also she is a junior so she doesn’t have a little sister yet. All she could say was she knows that a sophomore little sister got some hard licks Friday night. It was in the privacy of her big sister’s room with the door shut but she was really getting a workout from the sound of the girls crying that could be heard out in the hallway. She said sorry dude if I hear anything else I’ll let you know.

    • 10 Former Sorority Girl

      Hi Tony,

      I just got in from a party of sorts (midweek too what a bad girl) I know how I would have handled that back in the day. Lol

      It is good to hear that old traditions die hard. Courtneys story reminds me of a time my little got into a guy I didn’t like. I made her promise not to see him for the rest of the semester (which was only three weeks) and to concentrate on her paper.

      I soon found out
      she was seeing him and not just at the weekend
      that she had lied about it
      that she was actually sleeping with him
      and having unprotected sex

      After a serious discussion she agreed she deserved licks. I had her in just her sweater and bobby sox (so cute) bending over some pillows placed at the end of her bed.

      I laid into her with a paddle for just about forever and a day. Long before I was thru with her She was crying too. Corner times a bitch.

      • 11 Tony

        FSG, it sounds like you take your duties of being a big sister very seriously. Good for you. I bet when your little became a senior and got a little of her own she remembered her sessions on the receiving end and paid it forward. I am guessing your big sister roasted your butt until it was well done a few times. Please continue to share your experiences and I will share all the stories that I have been fortunate to have heard over the years.

      • 12 DJ

        Hi FSG, you really need a name. 🙂

        Thanks for the insight and anecdote. 🙂 I Know Tony appreciates it.

        So Tony Courtney free admits that sorority spanking goes on outside of initiation and fun. I’m guessing that she might not though… I mean how badly behaved can her LS be? Maybe you could ask Courtney what the likelihood is out of 10. 😉

        • 13 Tony

          Yes she admits it. Courtney is a co-worker and I have known her since she was a junior in high school. I am like a Grandfather to these girls. I treat them like I would a grand daughter. I buy them lunches, give them gas money when their broke and get them birthday and Christmas presents. I am 100 percent honest with them. I told the girls that I am a spankO. I explained what that is and I have shown them the Internet websites that I visit. The girls know that spanking stories and talk get me aroused. I have never had any sexual contact with them. I have never tried. I have no idea how or if Courtney will spank a little sister when she is assigned one next year.

  6. 14 Tony

    I just asked Courtney if she planned on keeping her little’s butt sore when she got a little sister next year when she is a senior. She said NO! My big wasn’t mean to me. She only paddled me 3 times for not obeying rules. They hurt but nothing like the hell night. I will only paddle my little if she really deserves it, Courtney told me. Damn, I was hoping I would have some really hot stories to share next year. Maybe she will get a really bad little.

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