Finding her song


music nudeRuth has been in contact a few times, mostly to offer up some corner time photographs. In her own words she is obsessed “with spanking, corner time and most aspects of embarrassing submission.”

She writes, “I have had a yen for the subject of spanking for as long as I can remember but my first experience didn’t come until I was 18. It was a particularly humiliating situation but not an original one for the 1970s. Ever since then I have fantasised about some very extreme situations and even experienced a few myself.”

My first was with my music teacher and his wife. While in my last year at six form and for about 18 months into my college time I went to their house every Saturday for piano lessons. I was a lazy little madam with no demonstrable talent, but then as now I tend to be stubborn and anyway Dad was paying.

But I was often late and rarely practiced until one day Mr Samuels lost his patience and pretty much gave up on me. He told me if I were his daughter he would put me across his knee. You can guess how I felt inside. From then on I provoked him as much as I could until he finally lost his temper. I had been late that day and it was obvious I had done no preparation.

He called his wife and then in front of her gave me an ultimatum – either I could leave or he would spank me. I couldn’t believe it – I was 18! I was so embarrassed and in front of his wife too. Like I said I was stubborn so…

My first spanking was over his knee on the seat of my jeans and it hurt. It really hurt and I was totally embarrassed. Worse still his wife made me stand in the corner after where I stayed for the rest of the lesson which we couldn’t have anyway since I hadn’t done the work.

It was an odd feeling after, but I definitely had a renewed respect for the piano.

I was spanked on two other occasions after that – it was so embarrassing and like I said it hurt. In my fantasies he spanked me bare and left me in the corner in front of other students, but that never happened.

Years later at 24 I went to live with Jonathon and Michelle as a sort of housemate-tenant. They were married and a bit older than me and despite getting on we clashed over my cleanliness and not paying my fair share. At some point while drunk I told them an embellished version of my experience with Mr Samuels and Jonathon said maybe I still wasn’t too old for a spanking.

Although I squirmed Michelle loved the idea and egged Jonathon on until finally daring him. He asked me point blank if I had really been spanked by my music teacher and I admitted I had.

But I had told them it had been on the bare…

That was my first bare bottom spanking – very long and very, very hard, Michelle especially loved the part where I had to stand with my red bum showing in the corner.

That was the first of many and it became a regular thing – half fun and half real discipline – many a time I had to stand up in front of clients with a hot throbbing bottom wondering if it showed that I had been spanked that morning or the day before.

I used to fantasise that if I messed it up my MD – whom I had a crush on – would spank me in front of everybody and have me standing in the corner while he took over the presentations.

Thanks for using my pictures and for the great blog.


I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you Ruth for sharing.

5 Responses to “Finding her song”

  1. 1 Mr & Mrs Mountforce

    That’s a pretty need story we’d like to elaborate on …

    Thanks !
    Mr & Mrs Mountforce

    • 2 Mr & Mrs Mountforce

      That’s one young delicate woman we most definitely would appreciate to watch …singing 🙂

  2. 3 Wilma

    I really hope that after pushing her pale moons out a bit for strict teacher’s ministrations some small urgent “ohhhs” and “ahhhhs” coming from piano player’s mouth don’t interrupt her nice singing! Wilma

  3. 4 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Quite aside from Ruth’s wonderful anecdotes, it’s fascinating to imagine the effect her spankings had on the other parties involved. Did her music teacher involve his wife as a witness because he wanted to avoid the appearance of impropriety, or because he know on some level, that she would enjoy it.

    One can only imagine how things played out after Ruth left the house. Perhaps his wife said he had spanked the girl too hard, and he offered to show her exactly how hard the spanking had been. Or perhaps spanking had already been a leitmotif of their love life, and he knew she would get off on seeing a real life instance. If Ruth had come back half an hour later to get a book she had left behind, would she have caught a glimpse of the music teacher’s wife standing there in the corner, where she had been?

    And then sharing the house with the older couple at 24, one could see how Ruth played a role as the “child” in this social matrix. Michelle’s enthusiasm for the idea of spanking Ruth seems to have been a determining factor in making it real. No doubt Jonathan would have loved to do it anyway, but having his wife’s permission and encouragement made it OK to actually take down her pants and redden her bottom.

    We can wonder whether Jonathan and Michelle were latent spankos already, or whether Ruth brought it out in them. And of course one can speculate on the impact Ruth’s spanking had on the couple’s love life. It would be interesting to know whether Ruth had any clues as to whether her spankings had brought Jonathan and Michelle closer, romantically speaking.

    And Ruth, if you’re reading this, any more anecdotes as to how your interest in spanking evolved from here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing these stories from your past.

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