Weekly Round-Up


wr able wr about wr acknowledging wr allthings wr devlin wr rollin wr starlets wr yeowchI could really get to hate passwords. So many applications demand you have one, which is fair enough, but then they want you to change them every six weeks or more. They won’t let you have one you have used before and they expect you to remember one you made up in a hurry. So either you have to endlessly reset your password or else you have to have it on a post-it note next to the computer. How safe is that? Better to let me have password1 and have done with it.

Passwords are a little like safe words in reverse. One opens the door the other stops the action. That is if one uses one. All the books on consensual spanking and BDSM say such things are essential, but in my experience spankees don’t like them.

“What is the point of that?” I have been asked, “Of course I’ll want you stop, but what kind of wimp stops when a girl asks?”

Actually this is wrong-thinking in my view, but she has a point. All safe words do is shift the responsibility from the Dom to the Sub, which is a cop out. Not to sound judgemental or superior, I am sure I have missed out, but most of my spanking experience has been within a relationship where you have taken time to build up trust and learn to read your partner.

It must be harder for those that explore casual encounters, which is why the ‘what’s the point?’ comment is a dangerous one. But safe words can become as fraught as passwords. How do you choose one? You can’t have Ow or ouch, can you? But I can imagine that supercalifragilisticexpeallydocious would also have issues.

“Aaaah sooop-ahhh- shit dally noo frag… aahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!…” she screams.

“What’s that honey? Just another hour to go – unless you can say your safe word properly,” he grins.

Anyway, onwards and upwards; thanks everyone who has filled out the poll, actually just a fraction of the recorded visitors. Also it occurs that since I was vaguely gauging visits over a month then I should leave it prominent for a month. As I said it isn’t a serious bit of fact finding but it is useful in help estimating visits from unique people.

It is also very gratifying to know that it is my stories that brings you back. After all if you had said, ‘no we love the random waffle that you throw together in half an hour and the pictures you cribbed from elsewhere’ then it would beg certain questions. So thanks very much.

Coming up this week is more Indigo and an anecdote. Not sure what stories will be ready… but no doubt something will fall into place. I have an Ad Astra half written and it must be time to return to the Sinclair Method. I am also planning another trip to Abraham Heights, but that might not be this week.

The Spank Statement has a feature on South American spanking in just one play and examines the various different treatments of the subject. There are several clips to see.

Pictures this week were found on: Yeowch, Able, Spanking Starlets, at Rollin’s, Devlin, All Things Spanking, Acknowledging Imperfection and About Spanking.

5 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 Richard

    Some times i spank my bride the only words we have ever had are Spank Me when i was not giveing her enough swats fast enough and That Hurts when i hit bone not flesh

  2. Thought you might get a kick out of this 🙂

  3. 4 cindy2

    The first impression I had when I saw the second picture was that it was taken in the Quality Control department of a paddle company. I got that impression because of the lab coat worn by the product tester. I wonder how difficult it is to fill such a position.

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