The Corner in Real Time


ct amateur 1 ct amateur 2 ct amateur 3 ct amateur 4Undeterred by the mixed response to her last offering (her words). I thought you were all very kind. Ruth has sent in some more pictures she culled from semi-private forum and other sources she doesn’t divulge. She claims most of them are supposed to be actual real punishments – but isn’t sure. With deference to those girls who suffer real corner time for other reasons and are oft featured here, I think potential amateur shots is a better term,

I have seen one or two of these before (but can’t place them). Others are new. I have held a couple back and may use them in future. As ever you can decide what you think and speculate on origins.

Anyway she wrote: ‘I have always been fascinated by corner time and spanking and I love this blog. I have two anecdotes you might publish if that is alright?’ So who knows, watch this space.


4 Responses to “The Corner in Real Time”

  1. I’m a big corner-time fan either before, after-or in some cases-instead of a spanking. Strangely, of this group, I like the top one the best-with the pants on. Looks less staged though the bare-bottom ones would benefit from a rosy glow.

  2. 2 Targetarear

    Pictures 2 and 3 are fantastic. Two absolutely superb bottoms, ripe for spanking.

  3. 3 jason

    The first 3 seem staged. The last one looks real though.

  4. 4 DJ

    Just a little something to brighten your day 🙂

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