Spanking the Tax Woman


OTK spanking taxwomanHere is an anecdote I pulled off one of the Voy spanking forums I sometimes visit. I hadn’t realised that these contributions expired and were auto deleted. It was one of the few gems between what is often boring off-topic and sometimes unsavoury fantasies and views.

As ever, one has to take or leave the veracity of such tales, but this one was in a thread about real spanking awakenings. I edited and smoothed it out more than I usually do and the dialogue was added from the reported speech supplied by Pam, a former US Government Tax Collector. Here is her tale.


In my 20s I worked for the government as a tax officer. My job was usually visiting small businesses in the field that had run into trouble and get them to pay. My visits were rarely welcome and I kind of loved that. In those days I was a bit of a holier than thou brat with an over dose of entitlement and in truth very unhappy.

I wasn’t aware that I was a spanko then and the very idea would have squicked me to be honest. Hopefully my experience doesn’t offend anyone here, but whatever your views on it, with hindsight I am glad it happened.

My client was a farmer’s widow with two grown children, one married son nearby and a daughter at college. She hadn’t made a return since her husband died the year before. I had a high degree of discretion and had been sent to get some payment and issue any needful penalties. But right from the get-go she was nothing like I expected.

Kate was in her 40s then and a head shorter than me and not the hick I was expecting. She ran a small holding and just hadn’t got to grips with her books. In truth there wasn’t much owing once the books had been done but I descended like an angel of vengeance, and I suspect, pissy and officious.

We had had several confrontations all without much success and I was eager to leave town and get back to the city. Maybe if I had used patient diplomacy I would have got somewhere but as I said, in those days I think I was a nightmare.

On what I hoped was our last meeting we had a full on argument where I mostly threatened and she mostly lectured me on respecting one’s elders and Big Government pushing the little people around.

Then out of the blue she says, “Young lady, what you need is a damn good spanking.”

Something switched on in my head I think, but it was too soon to reach my brain let alone my mouth. Not sure what I said next, but I think I blustered from outrage and embarrassment. She just grabbed me and despite being a small woman and some 20 years older she had me across her lap and began slapping my bottom.

I was furious and fought her like a son of a bitch but I guess farmers are stronger than tax accountants. After some good solid slaps to my ass and another stern lecture I just swore at her and made some more threats concerning the Government and the Law.

“Right, let’s make this a real attitude adjustment,” she told me.

She stopped the spanking for a moment and I thought it was over and was gathering my wits. The next thing I was back across her knee and somehow she had my pants and panties down. I had never been spanked before and never with a hairbrush. You can bet I was soon yelling like a kid and in tears. Not that it saved me. She spanked me good.

There was nothing to say after that and in a daze and more confused than angry I pulled up my pants and drove away in my car. I drove straight to the law office in town absolutely determined to bring charges.

Then I got there and parked outside. What was I going to say? They might arrest her once they stopped laughing, but these were small town cops they might have taken her side. And what if they hadn’t? What if it went to court and my work colleagues heard about it or the newspapers?

I have to say that all of this was a smoke screen, a lie to myself. Something had switched on in my head and instead of reporting it I went to my motel and had a good cry. Then I checked out my bottom and the bruises.

I couldn’t get the spanking out of my head and later that night I even indulged myself while reliving it. More than once.

The next day I went through all of her papers and this time I worked something out to her advantage as far as I was able. I actually felt good for the first time in a long while.

When I went back to see her she didn’t say a word about the spanking and although she was still sniffy with me I was able to begin a dialogue. It took several visits, and I think now that I was hoping to make some contact with her, to talk about the spanking and why and what she thought. I was so confused.

Towards the end of our meetings she made coffee one day and sat me down in a room out back I hadn’t been in before. She asked me about my life and my smoking, drinking and especially my swearing.

I hadn’t realised it, but I had sworn a lot in front of her and before I knew it I was getting another lecture bordering on a scolding.

Then she says, “This is the room I use for spanking my daughter, or did when she was younger.”

I was so embarrassed, but this was in a way what I had been hoping for, some kind of insight.

“I think you need a good spanking or two to straighten you out,” she told me frankly.

“You already gave me one,” I blurted. I was so embarrassed.

“That was nothing,” she said, “But even that did you the power of good.”

I had to agree, it was excruciate embarrassing.

Then she said ‘OK then’ and went to get the hairbrush.

Despite my protests somehow I ended up back over her knee with my pants and panties down. This time she didn’t spare my bottom. I had no idea how much a spanking could hurt and how easy she had gone on me the last time.

It was just hell and I never thought she would stop. Then she did, but only to scold me again before carrying on with the spanking. This happened maybe a dozen times, I don’t know, but she had me completely beat.

I was totally submissive afterwards and did absolutely what I was told. I didn’t even argue when she put me in the corner. There was nothing but crazy running through my head and standing there I really thought about my life.

It was dark before she let me out and felt a kind of loss that my spanking was over. I had a warm feeling knowing I was truly punished, I even liked that it hurt to sit down. Not that I could very easily, I had to stay the night as I couldn’t sit down to drive.

We stayed in touch but we never met again. I still get a Christmas card.

I got out of government and went corporate for a time and then finally set up my business as a tax advisor.

Later I found someone to give me the spankings I need, but often don’t want, and we are still together.

8 Responses to “Spanking the Tax Woman”

  1. 1 Vegas Gary

    Suspect you meant “veracity” as in truthfulness, but “voracity” works nicely in it’s own way.

  2. Having a similar occupation, I know all about being “pissy and officious”, I was too when I was younger and still am from time to time. Sometimes, I have received verbal corrections from older clients and superiors, and that has helped as well. But I kind of enjoy the thought of being confronted by someone like Kate, although I probably wouldn’t if it really happened 😉 Great story anyway,

  3. I doubt the reality of the spanking portion of the story. I am usually discouraged by “real spanking tales” when they take a sudden turn to instant submission.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • 6 DJ

      Well who knows – I think sometimes submission comes quickly. I remember a story of a late teen age girl snogging in the park and overhearing two older women saying ‘outrageous – if she were my daughter I would take her knickers down and give her a good sound spanking on the bate bottom.’ That suggestion thrilled her so much that she was pretty much converted on the spot.

      Also from experience people ‘smooth out’ past events when they retell them – just as with dreams one tends to rationalise the narrative and miss out the random complexity and extraneous events that they went through on their internal journey.

      Thanks for the input. 🙂

  4. 7 DJ

    People have asked me where I get my ideas from and I never can tell them.

    However, I was just reviewing some stories republished over at LSF including What Comes Around Goes Around – although published first I have clearly ‘lifted’ the plot from this anecdote without realising it.

    An interesting experience and insight for me. I have deliberately fictionalised such anecdotes in the past but this is the first time I have done it unconsciously.

  5. Trust me, a good dose of the hairbrush leads to instant submission 😉

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