Weekly Round-Up


another-bottom Sauna-birch spinner4-3 tumblr_ml36mlpUye1r8k8m8o1_500 tumblr_nhwoq6HDCA1tw3dolo2_1280 tumblr_ni18hk5iEu1qbloa9o1_500 vice spanking wedudeit-oakley-62Okay so the boiler is fixed and output is finally up. Not that everything is working, I have a list of chores and repairs… meanwhile let’s crack on. That is more than some people are doing it would seem. Not that I am pointing any fingers, but Spankville is slow at the moment or it is with regard to my usual checkpoints.

Bonnie has made a post on her old blog listing many of the new spanking blogs to be found over the last year. Too many for me to review, but I will check some out in due course.

I also noticed that during 2104 my comments were down on 2013 by some degree. This is of no great concern as I know I am not a comment based kind of blog, but curiously the number of visits continued to rise. Although I get many more emails than I used to, often the one of kind with a few goodies. So activity hasn’t slackened.

The Professionals too have been active for the New Year. You can check out the links on the left and Dallas’s picture above is an example.

Not to get too incestuous, Acknowledging Imperfection and Less Than Three have been plugging this blog, so I plug their plugging. It could go one forever. Kia has reviewed Tamed by the Cossack, and Ehlane (pictured above with a birch from behind) has written something original with some inspiration from Indigo.

The Spank Statement continues with its look at post war American theatre and the apparent obsession with spanking of one producer in particular. There are some cute photos, although the one above from this period was taken from Richard Windsor.

Chross also has a clip from Joaquin Phoenix’s latest film, Inherent Vice, in which the actor spanks a naked Katherine Waterston while across his knee, pictured above.

Other pictures are from Scarlet’s Real Magic, All Things Spanking and Spanking Toons.

4 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Reblogged this on Drifting with Eros.

  2. Glad you liked it. Looking forward to Wednesday 😀

    • 3 DJ

      Indigo has been very busy and I haven’t received her copy yet – so it may be late – just saying 🙂

  3. I’m sure it will be worth waiting for 🙂

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