The Agony and the Ecstasy


agonyCasey kicked the can away down the track. It made a satisfying rattle as it plink-plonked metallically on the hard ground and pebbles. So much so that despite the dusty heat she broke into a little jog that set her blonde ponytail bouncing to kick it again; anything to delay the inevitable and home.

Home was with Alec and a ragtag band of other girls, waifs and strays he called them, who had ended up at the Louisiana farm. Some had come just for the holidays and a working break from college. Others like Casey had dropped out of education altogether and now pretty much served as working tenants all year round.

Casey loved it, her real home had never been a patch on Alec’s farm, besides here she had sisters, three square with a roof and firm discipline. She sucked in her rueful pout at this last thought before letting it go as muted raspberry into the air.

“Oh well,” she sighed, “I guess I have it coming.”

She ducked her head and squinted her blue eyes down the track for hint of the others. But what wasn’t shaded was lost in a dusty summer haze all serenaded by crickets and the buzz of flies. A stand of hickory to her left would have provided welcome shade, but the thin sharp trees would be company for her all too soon as it was and she sighed again.

There were five grades of punishment in Alex’s disciplinary regime and at one time or another Casey had suffered them all. It had always been deserved and she had always signed off on it, even picking the most appropriate grade for her sins. Damn, how does he make me do that? It was question born of denial and she pushed it away.

The least anyone could expect was a ‘reprimand.’ This was the first grade, so to speak and the punishment most commonly used. This consisted of a simple over-the-knee hand spanking, sometimes in private but always on the bare bottom, which was preceded or followed by a relatively short stint in the corner.

All corner time was potentially public on the farm and not one of the women was deemed too old for the humiliation, not even when there were visitors. Casey gulped, there were way too many visitors around at the moment for comfort.

The next grade of sanction was a simple punishment. This was typically also and over-the-knee bare bottom spanking, but this time Alex employed a stout brush and a girl was always put in the corner for at least 40 minutes before and after her spanking. These spankings were carried out in front of anyone who happened to be around. Most of the girls, including Casey, cried copiously for these adventures and sitting was a chore for at least day or two afterwards.

The third and second most common of the graded regime was a severe punishment.

Casey’s hands stole to her denim clad bottom and she swallowed back her nerves. This sanction consisted of bare bottom corner time until Alex was ready and then a very sound spanking with the brush and at least another hour in the corner. Then the miscreant was either: paddled, strapped or sent to cut a switch for round two. Casey particularly hated the switch. A girl was lucky if she could sit for a week afterwards and that was before the chores.

Nasty chores all carried out without the benefit of clothing below the waist followed all severe punishments and could be on the cards for a week for serious offences. It went without saying that the girl was grounded for the duration.

Occasionally a girl had to ask for a very severe punishment.

This was hell on the behind and the embarrassment of it was excruciating. Casey remembered her time in the apron of shame, a brief garment that barely covered her front and nothing behind, which other than sneakers was all that a girl was permitted to wear for at least a week and sometimes longer.

There were daily spankings with this one, and all one’s spare time was spent nose to the corner. The first and last spankings were followed by the dread paddle or belt and a serious workout with a switch; a thin wand of pain that a girl had to walk to the public road to cut herself.

Then there were the chores. For at least a week and usually two every errand, every shitty job was came the miscreants’ way and if that meant going to the store then…

Casey stopped and winced ruefully as she saw the house up ahead. She had once been for the high-jump, Alec’s name for the most grievous sanction. It had been well-deserved and afterwards all sin had been washed from her soul. Surely this time… she hugged her ample bust nervously as she chewed her lip. Well she couldn’t say she didn’t deserve it but… she swallowed back a sob, acutely aware of the raging tempest brewing in her gut.

The high-jump consisted of back to back very severe punishments for a month and anything else Alec threw into the mix. During the ordeal blistered bottoms felt twice their size and all sitting rights were curtailed for what seemed like forever.

One young postgrad student had once reported late back to college after a debacle with a stolen car, a married man and some drug offences. She never did it again, although the same woman had reported cheerfully the following summer for vacation work. Alec had that effect on people, that’s why Casey loved it here.

There were a couple of other girls kicking around the yard as she strolled in. Most of them were finishing off chores and two of the older woman had set on the porch with a couple of beers. None of them paid Casey the least mind.

“Have you seen Alec?” she asked.

Josephine Manga hooked a thumb towards the barn, her long raven tresses sweeping in its train. She was a 20-something woman with a matronly figure and more than a passing penchant for bringing Alec’s wrath down on her very own heroic bare bottom. However, today she looked relaxed and carefree. She was certainly sitting easily enough.

“Thanks,” Casey managed through gritted teeth.

“I know that look,” Josephine said with rueful expression of pity. “Do something bad?”

“I figure,” Casey sighed.

The two women chuckled and took another swig of beer.

“Tough break kid,” Josephine’s redheaded companion said sympathetically, but she didn’t look it.

Casey looked apprehensively over at the barn and then sighed. The two minute walk over there seemed to take a week.

Alec was crouching down next to the old tractor when she entered but as soon as he saw her he grinned and straightened up. Casey had never asked him his age and everyone over 30 always looked old to her, but she guessed he was about 40. He had faint streaks of grey in his dark hair and judging from the way he filled out his red check shirt he was only slightly sagging at the belly.

His smile backed up a notch as he wiped his hands on an old rag and he nodded quizzically.

“You got something on your mind?” he said.

Casey pursed her lips and dropped her gaze to her feet where it kicked at the dust.

“Went to the mall,” she muttered.

He frowned. The mall was off limits during the week. He felt his palms itch.

“Good of you to confess,” he said carefully, “What do you reckon it’ll cost you?”

She had a spanking coming and they both knew it. At the moment he figured a grade two maybe or a reprimand since she had confessed, but she would decide. It was the only way the girls cleared their consciences.

“There’s more,” she said without meeting his eyes.

He sighed. “Go on.”

“I kinda… well they had… well I haven’t been paid yet and…” she looked up eagerly and all of a sudden. “I didn’t go through with it… I owned up at the last minute and pretended it was a mistake…”

“You boosted something?” he asked.

She nodded.

“But you put it back?” Alec asked seriously.

Again she nodded but the heat had risen in her face and she was blushing to her ears.

“I see,” he sighed again and dusted off his hands.

“I guess I… I guess… last time you said…” Casey could hardly get the words out.

“Last time you went through with it and then lied and then blamed Aggy,” he said patiently.

“All the same, I think I have it coming,” Casey ducked her head again and kept very still.

“I think you half learned your lesson. I don’t think you deserve the high jump this time.” He said easily and smiled paternally.

“Very severe then,” she said woodenly, not feeling any better.

“Only if you insist,” he shrugged, “But a severe punishment should do it I think.”

“But… but… I…” Casey wailed.

“You really want to wear the shaming apron?” he asked frowning.

“No but…” there were tears in her voice and she still couldn’t meet his gaze.

“I tell you what, next time you even think about stealing you’ll get grounded for a month with all that implies. That’s four weeks in the shaming apron and the soundest spanking I can manage each and every day,” he said brightly, “But I don’t think you’ll steal again. You didn’t really want to this time did you?”

“I guess not,” she said.

“So consider yourself grounded for a week,” he said sharply, “Now get over to the house and get that pretty little nose in the corner until I am ready to deal with you.”

Comets collided in Casey’s head and she felt more than a hint nervous nausea. She was both fizzing with relief and dreading what came next. A few years before she would have laughed in the face of anyone who told she would confess a sin that nobody would discover, let only ask to be punished for it. But in the early days she had tried denial and it had turned out badly for everyone: Alec, herself and her bottom. No better to get things over with.

It was a measure of her resolve that not only was the walk back quicker than before but she arrived at the large central kitchen dining room before she knew it.

There were two girls chatting by the fridge and she licked her lips as she hoped they would leave. It was always hard to disrobe with an audience, but there wasn’t the slightest chance her punishment would go unnoticed. Even if it did, she had a week of bare hiney drill for the edification of the other girls.

“Hey Casey,” one of the girls called over. It was Jade, a bright 20-something from the Bronx. She had a touch of Latino about her and Casey had seen her impressive bottom displayed more times than either woman could count.

“Hey,” Casey replied stiffly.

Billie, a cute younger blonde caught on and smirked.

“You need something? The corner perhaps?” she asked as if butter wouldn’t melt.

Casey blushed.

“Oh shit,” Jade gasped, “What you in for?”

“Unauthorised Mall visit with complications,” Casey groaned.

“You get a full week or…” she left it unsaid, but pointed upwards to indicate a harsher sanction.

“Just a week,” Casey said with a wincey expression.

“All yours sister,” Billie grinned, offering her the corner with a bow.

Casey waited to see if they would leave, but both women watched her curiously until finally she had to grit her teeth.

With a deep sigh and determined to get it over with, her denim shorts and panties found Casey’s ankles in a blink. Two pools of red formed on her cheeks as she stepped up to where the walls joined and with her nose well place she clasped her hands in her back. It could be a long wait for Alec she knew and she groaned.

Behind her the two women at the fridge giggled and made no sign of leaving. There were even muted whispering that just had to be about Casey and her exposed bottom. Her blush grew and tears pricked her eyes.

Casey couldn’t very well complain. She lived for moments like these when one of the girls was sent to the corner, when it wasn’t her turn she could dawdle over a glass of milk for half an hour. But what goes around comes around she guessed and today was her day.

During her nerve jangling vigil about half a dozen girls had come to gawp and giggle. Worse still every rattle or noise at the door could have been Alec and the start of her spanking. Corner time was ever a hell of waiting, ever eager to get it over with while earnestly praying that it would never start.

In the end it was more than an hour before Alec came in. Casey could hear him washing his hands at the sink and making those manly noises that girl couldn’t hope to emulate.

“Now young lady,” he said, “I hope you have had time to dwell upon your foolhardiness.”

“Yes Sir,” Casey agreed, but her dull voice sounded sullen and she hoped he wouldn’t take offence. “Honestly Sir, I am sorry I know I deserve to be punished,” she sincerely added.

“Good enough,” he sighed.

Casey waited for a summons but this time he didn’t speak but merely took her arm and pulled firmly and gently from the corner so that she tottered a little, hobbled as she was at the ankles by her shorts and panties.

He led her across the room by the arm as forced to take small steps she shuffled after him. But all too soon they reached the kitchen chair by the door and she was draped pell-mell across his lap. Not here, she quailed inwardly, oh God. In her mind she had fantasied about the soft chair in the den where in a quiet corner the other girls would stay clear. Across his knee in the kitchen her bare bottom was well displayed to anyone who might chance by. And by anyone she knew that included delivery people and any visitor of any kind who all tended to pitch up at the kitchen. Casey didn’t think it was possible to be any more embarrassed.

Not that she had time to dwell on it. For in a moment the hardwood dust-brush was firmly patting her behind as Alec lined up for his first shot. Even these taps stung a little.

The dull thwack-thud-tanging sting all came at once, with only the latter sensation lingering. Not that it mattered for before the first spank had really burned her the next came in very short order so that the sound of the assault was one continuous volley.

Casey panted like a steam train on speed, slow loud breaths at first but quickly building to rapid grunts. The pain was familiar but no less for that. The stinging burn started at overwhelming and steadily grew worse. In less than half a minute her fast groaning extended to pained yelps and then full on howls of distress.

Two or three giggling girls suddenly tumbled in failed nonchalance through the door to the yard and quickly dispersed themselves around the room to watch. Not that Casey could see to count or identify her audience. Just then her face was just inches from the floor tiles and in any case her full attention was on the fire in her bottom.

“Oh my tears already, what a brat,” It was Paula, something of a cry baby herself. But it was true Casey’s bawling had real force now and copious tears already stained her face. “And look at that bottom, why does she always go so red,” Paula continued.

There was some general teasing and laughter, but to Casey it all became lost in a sea of misery.

Casey had no idea how long the spanking lasted. For an indefinite time she sincerely believed it would never end. But there was a clarity to it. Despite the pain and shame, despite everything after a time there was just her bottom, the brush and the burn. Almost conscious of nothing else she just cried and bawled until she was empty.

The spanking ended a full minute before Casey’s bottom registered the fact and in a daze she was set on her feet and led back to the corner. The brief moment that she could see the faces of her friends was excruciating, but they had all been there and amid it all there was an ecstasy in the humiliation that nothing else gave her.

The corner afterwards was a good place to cry, and cry Casey did. Great gouts of bawling tears that wracked her with sobs fit to shake the room. Nor did they end. Not for minutes on end as the after-burn throbbed, ached and stung deep in her bottom. Then little by little she recovered herself and a cosy tickle wrapped around her like a cloak. The corner was safe, and clean of all care and sin.

In private and after a reprimand Casey always loved these moments. When she had first come to stay she would test Alec every few days to provoke a good sound spanking; most of the girls did. But for the farm she knew that was a recipe for chaos. So for repeat offences and real sins the ante had to upped

So it was this time. As the burn became bearable Casey became aware of her surroundings and of other women watching her in amusement. Then she remembered what she still faced. God let it not be the switch, she prayed. But even if he strapped her it would be bad enough. She still faced a week of chores and punishments with her purple-red bottom displayed to the ever-loving community. The teasing would be merciless.

The second wave of tears was sincere. Deep heaves of regret and acceptance. The other women knew of this too and instead of laughing one by one they slipped away.

An hour later Casey was walking up the track to the stand of hickory she had seen before. In her hand she carried a medium pair of trimming cutters, the steel cool in her hot hands and in dire contrast to the heat throbbing in her behind. At least she had been spared going out the other gate towards town and the public road, but it was still trial. Her bare bottom felt huge and exposed as it jutted out behind in full view. Nor was it only the shame that assailed her. With every step her behind flared and ached so that she had to take slow careful steps in a kind of stiff crouched stance.

Then disaster struck.

Up ahead a bicycle rounded the curve in the track and slowly came nearer. Glen was a couple of years younger than Casey, a community college kid who delivered the local newspaper after school. Ooh God, she wailed inwardly. Her breathing kicked up a notch and she tried to control it. But nothing could stop her pounding heart.

She hadn’t been permitted shorts or panties, but her cotton shirt was a long sports one and draped easily to the top of her thighs. Only behind did the hem lift high enough for a reveal. Maybe he wouldn’t see.

However, Casey hadn’t counted on an hours’ worth of tearstains on her face, or a gait that shouted ‘well-spanked girl coming through’ and as he drew near Glen slowed.

“You okay?” Glen asked as he slowed to a stop ahead of her.

Casey’s face melted and she dipped her chin to her chest.

“Go away,” she hissed.

Glen frowned and then glanced at what he saw now was too much thigh. He had seen it all before of course, but he didn’t like to gape, it made him tongue-tied. If the fellows at college only knew what went on here there would be cars backed-up all the way to the turnpike.

“Sorry I…” Glen began, but seeing Casey’s glare he pumped his legs and pushed on at a lick.

But 10 yards on he stole a backward glance and couldn’t supress a grin at the perhaps the cutest and not to say reddest bare bottom he had ever seen. Maybe he could figure a way to hang around for a spell.

Casey didn’t dare turn. She didn’t want to know. Please, please, please don’t let me have to go to the store, she prayed, knowing that she risked a week of moments like these. Then sucking in air she strode out and immediately regretted it. The hickory would have to wait until the world’s slowest walker made it to where they grew.


When Casey finally made it back to the house holding her freshly cut switch Glen was still setting on the porch drinking a coke someone had thoughtfully offered him. She didn’t meet his eyes and couldn’t help tugging down her shirt in front as she blushed.

She did a kind of sideways step through the door into the house, but with her shirt tugged in front she offered the world a quick glance of her protruding bottom in profile; a firm red stained bubble. Glen had to move his coke can to cover his tent pole, but Jade just had to giggle.

Casey had done her best to hide the switch against her left thigh, a foolish bit of pride. Especially since she had to hold it under her bottom with both hands as she stood back in the corner.

The delivery boy was totally welcome to come into the kitchen for a refill and as Casey returned her nose to the corner she prayed upon prayer that he wouldn’t do so. Or if he did that Alec wouldn’t have bend over the back of the chair in there while was still around.

Sure enough after about 10 minutes the door opened and distinctly heavy boy-like sneakers slapped across the tiles to the fridge. Glen certainly took his time, but eventually made no attempt to stay and after a short age returned to the girls outside.

Casey face was a riot of horror and she wondered just how many cokes the boy could drink. Not for the first time she wondered if he would be permitted to watch her switching. But just then the door opened again and Aggy, one of the younger girls yelled: “Casey, Alec wants to see you in the barn.”

The barn was a good venue for a private session with Alec. There was a kind of mercy in it. However, it did mean she had to run the gauntlet of whoever was sitting on the porch and that meant that boy again.

This time she put on a brave face and with an enforced dignity strode, as much as her sore bottom would allow, out through the door and across the yard. With every step her behind flared to a fresh sting and she just knew every eye was drinking it in her careful progress. Nevertheless, she took comfort from the brief return of the ecstasy of shame she had felt earlier. You are one crazy bitch, she chided herself.

Casey was still pondering this when she reached the relative cool of the barn and saw Alec watching her. Next to him was a trestle stand with a triple folded blanket draped across the crosspiece. Heaving a sigh she wiped a small tear and braced herself. Then with one last act of bravery she handed Alec the switch and made her way to the waiting ‘saddle.’

The blanket was scratchy under her belly and thighs, worse still the posture elevated her bare bottom to her highest point so that it obscenely jutted up at the ceiling. Like two tender polished tomatoes the tight split rounds were proffered and exposed.

Just remember you deserve this girl, she told herself. She was still making the argument when a thing slice of pain seared deep across her offered behind and she screamed. Switch stroked came in slow dozens and there might a gross of them before Alec was done and a hundred throbbing welts would form worms of rawness where once she had been able to sit down.

At 12 or 15 he would stop to let her cry. He might even let her go to the corner for a while before he continued, but one thing was certain it was going to be a long afternoon. But at least this time there was just the three of them; Alec, Casey and a switch. All thoughts of giggling women and delivery boys retreated in her mind. This kingdom of agony was all hers and all shame fled. God she needed this.

43 Responses to “The Agony and the Ecstasy”

  1. 1 cindy2

    These are painful but “good” punishments–punishments that Casey knows she needs and makes no attempt to avoid. Quite the contrary. Like the other girls, she intentionally seeks someone who cares about her and provides punishment when she is bad. And the punishment has its physical dimension and also its emotional dimension. Physical pain and being exposed and punished in the presence of the other girls are important components of what Casey needs. I loved reading this story.

    • 2 DJ

      A simple Good Old Fashioned OTK/ country switching tale with a level of active consent. Glad you liked it. 🙂

  2. 3 Mark

    I enjoyed this story, but I think Cindy’s comment adds an important touch. For the woman, it is often that she “seeks someone who cares about her . . . the punishment has its physical dimension and also its emotional dimension.” A spanking is often about relationship, expressed by the spanking, the spanking a part of it. Of course, nothing is always true about all women, or all men, and spanking can fit a “rape fantasy” too, or other things.

    Still, that was something I liked so much in Magic. Its complexity included relationships that gave extra sense and meaning to the spankings and the reactions to the spankings from the woman’s point of view. Its complexity in the fantasy genre also added interest to the story, and made the spankings still more interesting.

    It is easy for me as a man to focus just on the spanking, and be oblivious to the rest, but it is extra fun when done right.

    This was good, but I’d like to see Magic revisited. It had it all, and there is much potential left in it where it left off.

    • 4 DJ

      A thoughtful comment and thanks – but it is hard to compare effectively a 4,000 word short with a 200,000 epic – the plot/character development is just not there.

      More on Magic soon – 🙂

  3. 5 Rafa0978

    I loved this story and i think it has become one of my favorites public punishment and humilliation tales in this blog, it remind me a little bit of what i felt when i read my first story here “The Red Letter” and how the need of punishment and care of many of the young women in your stories are a special touch in the narrative.

    I would love to see this become a short series and also i wonder if you will keep exploring in new public punishments ideas (The delivery boy was one of my favorites, i guess it would be great to read the stories of the many girls this guy has seen waking in shame with a red bare bottom)

  4. 7 Becky

    As I have said before I cannot imagine the very public humiliation described here being borne in reality – I would be amazed if anyone has endured this. However one bit that ring true for me from my recent punishment is that there is no reduction in penance for being honest about your misbehaviour only additional sanctions for failing to do so. Unfortunately currently I am bearing the deserved consequences of failing to own up to my misdeeds fully.

    • 8 DJ

      Can’t imagine – but that is the trick isn’t it. Of course it is another level and one must respect third party consent – except in fiction. 😉

  5. 9 Becky

    I was actually imagining having to endure this in reality. From my own experience, which is limited to having been seen by HoHs mother standing in the corner with my well spanked behind on display, being seen by others in this state is excruciatingly humiliating. I would be very impressed by anyone who submits to such discipline.

    • 10 DJ

      Well that’s embarrassing enough for both of you. How old was HoH mother and has she ever seen you in such a position?

  6. 11 Wilma

    My mom is skillful disciplinarian, always was. It’s a skill born of long practice. But it took me ages to discover that she herself was still chastised by her husband (my step-father). I had my suspicions, of course. At the age of twenty I made my mind and… searched my parents bedroom. I was kind of electrified with curiosity. At first I found just a single man’s training shoe under the bed. Extremely well worn, with a smooth, flat rubber sole. It was supple and had obviously seen plenty of use. I know from my own experience that a slipper could impart a fierce sting, but it couldn’t be used on my mother’ bottom when I was at home. In the drawer I found various odds and ends and among them two items that caused my heart to skip a beat. There were a thin extremely supple whip and narrow strap. I was puzzled, confused. I didn’t know then that it was so called “groove strap”. I flexed the whip, tested it on my palm. It was curiously satisfying to know that this extremely stinging tool of discipline could be used on my mom’s bottom. I tried visualize the scene of whipping. I tiptoed out of the bedroom. I was having trouble keeping my thoughts in order. I needed to thing it through, to get some proofs. Wilma

  7. 13 Becky

    HoHs mother is 60 and she has seen me standing hands on my head in school uniform with my punished behind on display – it is terrible. I have not received corporal punishment in front of anyone else. That is why I find it hard to believe how anyone could bear such a humiliating punishment.

    • 14 DJ

      That seems quite embarrassing enough. :-0

      How often did that happen.

    • 15 Rafa0978

      Hi Becky, did she tell you something about your punishment? or did she try to act like it never happened?

  8. 16 Wilma

    I fully agree, Becky. That’s why I was so shocked when my stepbrother bosted that he had seen my mother presenting her naked bottom for his dad’s correction! He added mockingly that „your mom danced for the slipper, making short ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s and waving her red buttocks from side to side with her legs planted quite widely apart” and that he had „a clear view of your mom’s well-developed private parts.” In fact I didn’t trust him. Maybe it was just fantasies of a noughty young man. And of course I couldn’t ask for more details, I was too ashamed and humiliated on behalf of my mother. But I was keen to discover the truth. Wilma.

  9. 19 Becky

    Over the last 2-3 years I have probably been seen 12 times by HoH in school uniform doing corner time after corporal punishment and the effect does not minimise with reoccurrence. She has seen many more times either in school uniform or doing corner time after corporal punishment. This does not happen after maintenance spankings.

    • 20 DJ

      What does she think? Is her attitude amusement, embarrassment or severe approval? Thanks for sharing – sorry to have missed this discussion.

  10. 21 Wilma

    Oh, how humiliating for the young wifie, Becky! And you stay there in front of her with that red funny of yours on display and not daring to cover it? I have to admit it takes a lot of confidence for your mother-in-low to glare at your swollen asscheeks. By the way, did you notice her facial expression? Was she confused? Blushing? Or maybe she knows even more than your husband and you about the business. She has a sun of her own and probably knows how to dish out a pretty good spanking. On the other hand, some years ago she could be spanked wife herself… Just guessing. Wilma.

  11. 23 Amy

    I think the scenes Becky describes are more common in the US in different degrees than we think!

    • 24 DJ

      Hi Amy –

      Really – what makes you think so? Have you experience of this too?

  12. 25 Wilma

    Curious? Yeah, DJ, sort of. I had imagined this moment and some kind of tingle raced down my spine. Dancing for the paddle or strap, wriggling and twitching the target area in front of your mother-in-low, turning red, gasping, yelping, pleading for mercy… Oh, my! Wilma

  13. 27 Becky

    My mother-in-law is very calm about my humiliation when she is present. She understands that it is what I deserve and is therefore not bashful in asking me to explain why I am in school uniform or doing corner time. Having to explain my misbehaviour to someone other than HoH helps me to learn the necessary lessons even more as well as adding to the punishment itself. She does also tell HoH if she sees me misbehave particularly in Church meetings where he is not present and this helps me to behave and makes it more likely I will be disciplined if I have not. On a couple of such occasions part of my punishment has been to write a formal letter to her thanking her from reporting my indiscretions and detailing my punishments. This helps me to fulfil my submissive role and when I fail receive the childish and humiliating punishments I deserve. I am sure if anyone else has experienced this they will understand the severity of the humiliation.

    • 28 DJ

      This is pretty full on – not far short of the stories I have written to a point.

      Salvation through suffering maybe

  14. 29 Becky

    I want to be a submissive wife as well as having a professional career. This means I need some tight rules to ensure I live and behave appropriately and I am fortunate that Jack has helped me put these in place and hold me to them. This has required consequences which are more severe than I expected originally five years ago. However the childish and sometimes painful punishments I earn have helped me behave as I wish. Without these for example today I am sure I would have got up late spent the day in jeans and a T-shirt and the afternoon watching the soccer. Instead I attended Church dressed in a plain dress and cardigan rather than looking like a scruffy teenager, made lunch for us and some friends and family as well as then providing food and rinks for Jack and his friends whilst they watched the soccer. Whilst they did this I have been knitting myself an arran cardigan for my wardrobe. This latter is partly punishment as I am banned from watching sport until end January due to my misbehaviour before Christmas. After tea I am going to Evensong and will then provide coffee and tea refreshments for the congregation which will raise some income for the Church. I am happy that I am doing these things but know that without the thought that failing to behave properly I might be caned, do corner time, be sent to bed or have to write lines, etc. my behaviour would not be so good. The appearance before HoH’s mother is only a yet further deserved punishment for misbehaving.

    • 30 DJ

      You talk about HoH mother what about your father-in-law or other people – who else knows or even sees this going on?

  15. 31 Amy

    I am always happy to hear a wife working hard to be the submissive she needs to be [this part edited – please limit discussion to consenting adults-Ed.]. I think, too, that it must be very helpful when HOH’s mom is there to see your punishments or bare corner time. The feelings of humiliation and childishness help guide you to your proper place in the family, don’t they?
    Does HOH insist that your are bare and smooth below the waist? That’s how it is here.


  16. 32 Becky

    Punishment spankings or corporal punishment is always applied to my bare behind and/or hands as assigned. There is no reason I deserve to be spared this when it is a punishment. Maintenance spankings however may be to my bared behind, with knickers on or even across my dress and skirt as HoH sees fit. As I said no one else, thankfully, has seen me being spanked or have other corporal punishment but HoH. The only other person who has seen me after such punishment, doing corner time, written punishments, having my mouth washed or being sent to bed early is HoHs mother. This only occurs if she happens to visit whilst I am serving the punishment I am never punished in front of her as a planned act as is currently written in our agreed rules and sanctions.Clearly others see me if I have to wear school uniform in public but I think it is probably more humiliating for m than overt to them. I hate being punished in front of HoHs mother but as we are about to review our sanctions I am sure that being more formally punished in front of her or worse still having my punishment specified or supervised by her are things we will consider for the reason you state Amy. I am sure there must be other wives who are similarly disciplined as I am to enable them to be appropriately submissive

  17. 33 Amy

    Certainly I would think HOH’s mother is entitled to witness any parts of your discipline, examinations, etc., that he and she agree on. That is not for you to say. For you to undergo the entire spanking/lecture/cornertime session in front of her would be a powerful lesson for you.
    Submission is not supposed to be easy, Becky. Being bared, talked to and spanked in front of your MIL would take commitment and courage from you.
    I wish that you find the road you need.

  18. 34 Wilma

    Are you, Backy, having trouble staying in position during your discipline sessions? I hope you dutifully keep your tender bottom cheeks for your husband’s ministrations and for your MIL eyes. And the embarrassment of having your MIL see you being punished like a naughty schoolgirl … well, I’m sure it’s teaching you a proper lesson, dear. Wilma

  19. 35 Becky

    Thankfully the agreement between Jack and myself is that we agree both the rules which I must adhere to and the sanctions, in terms of type, which may be applied if he decides I have failed to comply. As I have said earlier my rules are quite strict and were initiated at my request originally – I think I have shared these before. Unlike at work I dress very plainly, do all of the housework, do not spend without permission, devote time to Church works. There is also an agreed list of punishments which includes corporal punishment (slipper, cane, tawse or belt) as well of course as spankings (by hand, paddle or hairbrush), corner time (typically nose to the wall and hands on head, grounding, written punishments, mouth washing, early bed times and most severely having to wear school uniform including to Church. It does also include being seen by HoH’s Mother-in-law if she comes to the house whilst I am being punished (but not receiving corporal punishment or being spanked in front of her). The volume and duration of these punishments I receive is completely Jack’s decision (as I am sure is the case for other submissive wives) dependent on the severity of the infractions of the rules and my attitude.

    We would therefore both have to agree before, for example, being punished in full in front of Jack’s mother became a sanction to be applied as he saw fit. We have done this before, for example, when I agreed to have wearing a school uniform added after I read how another young woman had been disciplined effectively in such a way and although I hate it has been similarly effective method of discipline for myself both as a punishment and deterrent. I can see Amy that you would propose would be yet a further severe sanction but am not sure I could bear it or need it let alone if she were to be allowed to decide or supervise my disciplining. I think I fulfil my submissive role most of the time and have improved thanks to Jack’s stricture in disciplining for any failings. Obviously, not least since it is one of the rules, I will ensure it is considered when we review our rules and punishments next month.

    Has any one else been subjected to disciplining other than in front of their HoH?

    • 36 DJ

      Becky, Amy and Wilma,

      you seem to be fully behind this regime

      Thanks for the comments.

  20. 37 ST

    Becky I have not seen your list of rules or agreed sanctions to determine whether your claim that you are already being suitably disciplined is correct or not. Even if this were true to be a true submissive you should ideally have no control over the rule setting and most certainly none over the punishments you should serve if you break the rules. From my experience being made to serve punishments in front of others and apologise for misbehavior is a very effective punishment for a submissive. In addition older folks like your mother-in-law tend to be stricter and more severe in dealing with misbehavior so having her not only observe your punishment but also supervise your behaviour would help you become a better submissive. As a first step perhaps you could post your current list of punishments and ask for others which you can present to your HoH and mother-in-law with a request for them to apply to you as they see fit. This may seem difficult but would be for your own good if you truly wish to be a submissive wife

  21. 39 Wilma

    Quite frankly, Backy, for the mature married woman the most humiliating experience is to be whipped with panties down and submissively trust-out bottom in front of a young and horny man when your thighs are alternately parting and closing involuntary displaying the outer labia. Believe me, then you’re wailing, dancing and dying with embarrasment in the same time. Wilma

  22. 40 DJ

    Sorry I keep missing these contributions – it gets buried so quickly on older posts. But thanks and very interesting. 😉

  23. 41 Becky

    As per some of the earlier conversation I am happy to display below the rules which HoH and I have agreed and which are modified as needed by regular review.

    1) I will support HoH in his work.
    2) I will maintain our household in a well-organized and functioning manner. I will do all cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry to a high standard.
    3) I will put HoHs needs first in scheduling my activities.
    4) I will not do anything which could be viewed as unsafe, disrespectful, unsociable or breaks the law.
    5) I will attend Church regularly and contribute through giving of my time to the work of the Church.
    6) I will dress at all times outside of work in a plain, feminine and conservative manner.
    a.This means I will always wear a dress which reaches below my knees with long sleeves and a high neck and collar or skirt (which reaches below my knees) and long sleeved blouse with a high neck and collar.
    b.Flat plain shoes or sandals
    c.Sweater or cardigan as needed
    d.Plain ¾ length coat only if absolutely necessary e.g. raining otherwise a thick cardigan jacket is preferable
    e.Beret or gloves as necessary
    f.I will never wear trousers, jackets or casual shoes outside work.
    7) I will make all of my clothes worn outside of work myself by dressmaking and knitting except for underwear.
    8) I will wear my hair brushed back and in a ponytail or bun outside of work.
    9) I will wear no or minimal make-up outside of work.
    10) I will seek approval for all purchases, other than grocery spending, from HoH.
    11) I will behave in a respectful and humble manner in presence of HoH as well as in a respectful manner in my interactions with others.
    12) I must make clear proactively any failure to comply with the rules and be honest about what these failings are including thoughts of non-compliance.
    13) I must facilitate the disciplinary process and must never hold up or stall the process. This includes trying to justify my behaviour in a way to avoid discipline.
    14) I must accept HoHs decision on punishments to be applied.
    15) I must never attempt to avoid the full pain, humiliation and/or discomfort of my deserved punishments.
    16) I will always apologize for my misbehaviour before receipt of corporal punishment and any other items as appropriate.
    17) I will always thank HoH after receipt of corporal punishment or other items as appropriate.
    18) I will remain silent unless invited to speak whilst receiving punishment.
    19) I will always address HoH as “Sir” at all times whilst under discipline for offences and receiving “maintenance discipline”.
    20) I will receive a minimum of one allocation of “maintenance discipline” per week. This will typically be a spanking by hand but may also use a hairbrush, paddle or clothes brush accompanied by corner time.
    21) If I fail to admit any failure to comply with the rules in a timely manner as a minimum my punishment for the transgression will be at least doubled.
    22) For any offence involving lying, deceit or spoken disrespect as a minimum I will in addition to any other sanctions have my mouth washed with soap and water every day before going to bed.
    23) I will be proactive in seeking and sharing alternative disciplinary sanctions which can be used to insure my compliance with our rules and helps me to improve my behaviour further.
    24) We will review my behaviour and the rules a minimum of once per year to determine if any changes are required. Changes to the rules will only be made by agreement of both HoH and myself.
    25) I will accept all of the following forms of punishment in whatever combination or volume HoH decides is appropriate:
    a. Corporal punishment applied with the hand, slipper, ruler, hairbrush, paddle, tawse, cane or strap.
    b. Corporal punishment may be applied to the hands and behind and thighs. Applications to the behind and thighs may be to the clothed or unclothed target.
    c. Written punishments – writing of essays, lines, copying of texts. This may be done under detention conditions e.g. confined to a desk and stool in the box room if greater severity is appropriate.
    d. Extra private Bible study or attendance at extra Church Bible study sessions.
    e. Corner time – should normally accompany all corporal punishment as well as a standalone punishment. Time may be spent simply standing or with nose or forehead against the wall, hands folded behind my back or on my hips or my head.
    f. Early bed time – I will dress in my nightclothes and be in bed by a suitably early hour with the lights off. This may be without supper where increased severity is appropriate.
    g. Grounding – I will not leave the house (unless for specific activities or under supervision) for a defined period.
    h. Curfew – I will not leave the house after a specified time.
    i. Mouth washing – I will have my mouth washed with soap and water under supervision. I will not be permitted to rinse my mouth or at least 3 hours after application. For severe or multiple offences I may be made to stand with a bar of soap in my mouth.
    j. Privilege withdrawl – the following can be removed or restricted
    i. Use of car
    ii. Credit card use/cash for spending.
    iii. Watching TV
    iv. Listening to the radio or other audio devices
    v. Access to magazines or newspapers
    vi. Access to the internet
    vii. Using a computer
    k. Allocation of additional house or garden work
    l. Confinement to the wearing of a school uniform within the house and to Church events and activities. This means large old fashioned elasticated school knickers, white/grey ankle or knee socks and either Gingham dress and wool cardigan or shirt, tie, pinafore dress and wool cardigan. I may have to wear my hair in an appropriately immature style e.g. bunches as a further sanction.
    m. Additional work as penance, for example making school uniform for my own punishment, needlework exercises such as having to sew buttons to material for defined periods
    n. I will request and carry out additional Church duties such as cleaning Parish rooms or Church.
    26) The following modes of punishment are not permitted
    a. Corporal punishment applied with a rubber hose, birch or whip.
    b. Discipline in front of others except wearing of uniform to Church activities and in presence of my mother-in-law when she visits and my punishment happens to be ongoing
    c. Wearing of school tie to Church activities if wearing as part of serving a school uniform punishment

    These have grown over time based on my need to maintain and improve my submissive behaviour. The major additions to my ongoing lifestyle and punsihments have been having to make all of my own non-work clothing and having to wear school uniform, respectively.

    I am always willing to learn from the example of others will help me to behave more compliantly in future.

    • 42 DJ

      Thanks you for a long and thoughtful post, not to mention an insight into DD.


  24. 43 ST

    Becky, Many thanks for the details of the sanctions which may be applied. I am sure if applied with appropriate rigour and in unsparing amounts they should enable you to improve your behaviour and remove the transgressions you appear to be prone to. As before I would suggest your right to keep your punishments by in large private should be removed. I always find that public apology, making opens their offences and being punished in front of us others is a very corrective approach for a submissive. Since being punished like a child does work for you I would suggest a few additions to your list of punishments – having to wear and use a pacifier, taking Castor oil, having to ask permission to go to the toilet, wearing a board around your neck on which you must display your offences (very effective when having to appear before others) and having to ask permission to go to the toilet. I am sure when your mother-in-law is able to select your punishments your behaviour will improve dramatically so please let us know how you progress

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