Weekly Round-Up


wr tumblr_nhm6r37ANx1u4oiaso1_500wr 263 wr 8371feab84ea773adf19b12bc3718b61-pd8nmw wr 532516259__IGP7565_122_408lo wr About52 (1) wr bare-bottoms-caned wr IMGP2027 wr otk-spanking10wr csp0820-(32)First Round-Up of the year and it is already out with the old and in with the new. That includes one old boiler and one new one (I hope). Indigo has written a far better and more lyrical account of our life here at the moment. You can read it on Wednesday.

Also out this year you will be sad to hear is Able over at Spanking Writers. After 10 years and a phenomenal four million plus hits he is retiring from the blogging world. Indigo had the pleasure of meeting Able a couple of years back (apparently he kindly offered to cane her – what a nice man) and I know she will be sad too. Good luck A and come back soon.

Elsewhere newness abounds, I feel sure. One Hand Monkey is closing Sometimes a Girl Needs a Good Spanking and moving it to a new home just around the corner and calling it Sometimes a Girl Needs a Good Spanking II.

If you visit he can explain the move, but I gather the old one is full and starts deleting old threads after a while.

Several blogs have yet to get going after Christmas and some, after a promising start last year, seem to have never really got going at all. It will be interesting to see if they pick-up with the New Year. But I can hardly complain, I have still to catch-up on comments. Thanks everyone for your input.

All Things Spanking pointed me in the direction of Rachel Kramer Bussel who apparently likes to be spanked. That’s her in the jeans above I think.

Ehlane over at Less Than Three is celebrating completing her first story; the misty bottom above is from her blog (and may in fact be her).

A little bit past its sell-by-date for this round-up is a cute movie from Chross and a picture from above.

Other pictures are from: Acknowledging Imperfection, Scarlet’s Real Magic, Devlin O’Neil, Yeowch, About Spanking and Cutiepie.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention of Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking. The max archives on a Voy forum is 10 pages and we’ve far exceeded that. Many, many threads have disappeared so I launched a continuation http://www.voy.com/243310/. We like to keep it civil and quaint, fairly clean and hopefully real, but I suspect that a lot of what is written is fantasy, or at least embellished reality.
    Happy New Year all. This is the year I find a spanking partner (or even a partner. O.k., even a tender hand on mine would be fine at this point).

  2. Thanks for mentioning me too. And it is me, my bottom, and my new boots 😉

    • 4 DJ

      My pleasure and with assets like that I am sure more guys will be dropping by. 😉

  3. Thanks for the mention!

    I am leaving the Spanking Writers blog online, and will keep writing on “Abel’s Spanking Stories”. Some of your readers might enjoy the free eBook I’ve produced with an anthology of my favourite of my blog posts: it’s called “No Mercy” and can be downloaded here:

    Best wishes


    • 6 DJ

      No problem A – sorry to see you go.

      Thanks for the heads up – free books are my favourite kind 😉

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