Reformatory School Spanking


reformatoryLSF have published two more of my novellas, this time in a single volume. This contains two adult reformatory style spanking stories.

In the first of these stories entitled Choices, three very different women choose to attend the alternative punishment centre at the Cornwall Institute instead of receiving prison sentences for their crimes. Here they soon find that any transgression of the rules, including poor attitude, will earn them a bare bottom spanking – sometimes by hand while over the knee but more often than not with a pliable cane or clothes brush. However, as the days go by, each of the women find they’re beginning to develop a fixation with the men who punish them.

In the second story, Cane and Consequence, an intrigued privileged new girl, Catherine, an inmate at Hardham House, makes tentative approaches towards the tearful, recently caned Melanie…


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