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wr 450569406_kramp_122_135lo wr bare-bottoms-caned wr Capture_d_e_cran_2014_12_13_a_13.25.47 wr christmas caroling wr kettle bar bum wr squeaky-clean-500x375 wr tumblr_inline_ng9s4p13kX1sqx8vbThe season is spinning up on us fast and it seems I will not only be out of town, but out of several towns at different ends of the country. This means that next week and probably the week after there will be no Weekly Round-Up and this site’s content will be based on pre-written stuff.

Indigo fans need not worry as she had been very busy in advance.

This brings me to an interesting point and this week’s perhaps most relevant news. A Voice in the Corner has been nominated in The Spanking Blogg awards, thanks to whoever nominated it. But it has been nominated as best News Blog, which is the interesting point. With exception of the Weekly Round-Up and the odd article, I wouldn’t have thought A Voice was a news blog. It makes one wonder how one is perceived.

When I began here over five years ago I my initial aim was to reach out and find an outlet for my creativity. In particular I had just completed the Russell Corner and wanted to promote it. My main aim was a short story blog combined with a snippet-based features magazine of the kind provided by Spank Statement.

Anyway if you want to see who else is nominated or heaven forfend, wanted to vote for someone, you can go here.

Further to last week’s news, the UK censorship law, apparently some sources say spanking was banned despite a politician being quoted to the contrary. Did anyone read the bill before the passed it? But I can confirm that at the moment the Act pertains to the moving image and not written or illustrate publications.

There were huge protests in Westminster, which only goes to show how quickly the act was passed and how little consultation there was. As far as I know no erotica outfit has closed down or moderated their output. As I said last week, talk is cheaper than action and often these things wither on the vine. The 1956 Obscene Publications Act was never repealed and most modern porn in the UK would get their purveyors several years inside for their content but no modern jury will convict.

The pictures this week were taken from: Scarlet’s Real Magic, Dreams of Spanking, All Things Spanking, Heart and Soul, Chross, Au Fils Des Jours and Dave Wolfe.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I translated the pic in French to english,
    That day the young elf was discovering why the forest trolls is prohibited
    the German however I couldn’t get it to make sense.

  2. 2 DJ

    Thanks Gingerwolf – I think we get the gist from the pictures 😉

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