No, no, no, Indigo Sigh is not a brat… so there!


Someone, for reasons best known to themselves, decided to give me a pair of knickers with the words, “Spoilt brat” emblazoned on the back. They are most attractive, navy blue and covered all over in silver stars and clingy in just the right way for a girl that owns a bottom that likes to be noticed. (The bottom likes to be noticed, not me. I am both shy and retiring almost all the time.)brat knickers

I can only think these knickers were an ironic gift, like giving a runner some slippers or presenting the Queen with a washing up bowl. I had not realised the giver overwhelmed with a sense of irony but I am not so arrogant as to think I know everyone perfectly.

Either way, here I am, me with some rather stylish knickers with the words, “Spoilt brat” glaring out from them.

What was I to do?

otkIt would have been ungrateful not to wear them, indeed only a spoilt brat would decline a gift and so by refusing to wear them I would have become deserving of wearing them. These knickers are not any normal knickers- they are a paradoxical knickers.

I would not like to suggest to the giver that I was unable to detect irony or reluctant to be the butt of a joke. I think it is a vital skill to be able to take a joke which is why I encourage DJ to develop this skill himself. He seems reluctant to learn this for some reason. I think he spends too much time with a cane in his hands to embrace the role of pupil. Actually, I think he spends too much time with a cane in his hands full stop.

When I considered wearing the knickers I did feel a little hint at something that I could only imagine was mischief tugging at my brain. (Obviously, I rarely feel mischievous so I am not good at detecting the sensation.)  It seemed to me that, were I to put them on, it would cause a ruckus, the kind of ruckus that would be fun to run away from.  This is the kind of ruckus that makes me giggle and later squirm and sometimes insist on being left alone to catch my breath. I like ruckuses and besides, they can be terribly warming in this cold weather.

I also had to consider that by wearing them I would be placing temptation squarely (roundly?) in front of the man I love. It may surprise you to know that DJ is something of an aficionado of the spanking arts. He seldom needs an excuse to pull me over his lap and brighten my bottom beyond all reason. I do not think the man even knows what “Stop” or “Get off me or I shall bite you*” means.  So if I were to wear them would it be tempting him or would it showing faith in him not to react in a predictable manner?

Confusion abounded. (Maybe this is how Tops feel every day.)

Reader, I wore the knickers.

I would like to be able to tell you that Mr Black managed to control himself and not go for the obvious action. I would like to tell you that when he saw the wording he did not leer at me in what can only be described as a rakish manner. I would like even more to be able to tell you that afterwards I thought that I made the right decision to wear the knickers.

All I can tell you is that knickers that are snug and comfortable pre-DJ-spanking become horribly uncomfortable afterwards. My bottom was swollen, sore and hot so much so that I had to dispense with the knickers entirely.

But it was all good in the end. DJ knew just what to do. And he did it very well indeed.

I do not think I am a spoilt brat, rather I am a lucky girl who finds it a bit sore to sit down.

*That is another story for another day.

**That is also another story for another day.

bare bum

PS Sir SpanksALot (who asked me about “punishments that go beyond spanking and corner time into realms off the beaten path, so to speak. Are these fancies of his or do you, as his girl, suffer these sorts of punishments in real life? (If so I would be very keen to get your perspective on such practices”)

It would be entirely my pleasure to write about the travesty of injustice that is my life with DJ. I am sure I will find you sympathetic.

PPS Thank you so much for all the comments. I am sorry I cannot reply but I do sit often DJ’s lap when he responds and I am grateful and humbled that people take the time to speak to a girl who must remain silent for a whole week.Indigo Signature Banner

14 Responses to “No, no, no, Indigo Sigh is not a brat… so there!”

  1. 1 Iggy Galvin

    Being a newbie you were my first post: after that I will have to learn what to do when a post comes in how to reply and share  my feelings but it was a nice gift to get especially if it fits a nice bottom it does not mean you are a brat except ocassionally and you are punished for being so otk or touching your toes: on the beautiful bare cheeks

  2. Hooray for the brat pants!
    And of course wearing them doesn’t mean you are a spoilt brat. Today I am wearing pants that say “Santa’s little helper”, but I must admit that Santa hasn’t actually asked for my help. I do hope he appreciates my initiative.


  3. Lucky girls are always a little spoilt. Or is it that spoilt girls are lucky? Either way!

  4. Hehehe! Well, I suppose you are both spoilt, DJ because he gets to do what he loves, to whom he loves, and you because you are the lucky girl who is spoilt by him. 🙂

  5. I’m wondering what would happen if you wore knickers that said “spank me.” Would they encourage DJ to do just that or would he resent being told what to do and refuse? I could give you a pair, which you would not decline to wear because, as you have noted, only a spoilt brat would decline to do so, and we could find out. Would you like that?

  6. 6 DJ

    Whilst brat pants are cute and lets face it they do draw the attention to the area of most need – they are rather redundant in so many ways. Firstly they usually come down, but also why label a girl a brat – I already know she is a brat – in this regard the label is a warning that comes too late.

  7. DJ. I guess your girl wearing a pair of knickers with the word “angel” would be out of the question for the same reason. 😉

  8. 9 vlad

    I’ve seen quite a bit of discussion in the spanko community on the pros and cons of thongs, briefs and panties with cheeky sayings. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, rather like 1 piece swimsuits versus 2 piece suits.
    My personal favorite line is a running joke with my wife that she can’t get her knickers in a twist if she isn’t wearing any.

  9. 10 Namvet

    Years ago I purchased 3 pairs of white panties with “spanking panties” in red embossed on them. My wife wears them when we go out as a reminder to behave or she will have them pulled down if she has misbehaved and receive a bare bottom spanking. Sometimes they work and she behaves herself, other times she has to take them off and hand them to me prior to her spanking.
    Either way she knows who is in charge and it has been this way since we married in 1978.

  10. 11 DJ

    Panties – I can only comment when they are OFF topic 😉

  11. You are such a lucky girl! I used to get spanked. Now I don’t. I think I was a much happier girl. I also had much better behavior. Such as I didn’t say curse words or leave the house a mess. Oh well I guess I can just …. Oh I deserve a spanking! I love reading your blogs and DJ’s stories! I’ve been reading since 2010. Lots of Love to you both!
    Bratty Angel Rose

  12. while I was successful making a reply in December 2014 I still was unsure as to what A voice in the corner is all about: please educate me so I can do the right thing and be fully part of A voice in the corner Frader

    • 14 DJ

      Are you real? This seems a bit random, why comment here now on this?

      Sorry if that sounds rude – if I didn’t think you were or weren’t well intentioned I wouldn’t reply.

      I’ll spell it out my friend – no kids, no boys of any age – you can comment on what you like – but digressions into extensive personal fantasies – even on topic sometimes seem prurient to me – and when they are completely off topic they become intrusive.

      I don’t mind what you are into – if you come here there must be an interest. By all means comment on what is posted – but keep it tasteful, polite and above all 18+ (very preferably M/F or F/F).

      Why we are on the subject – Indigo’s posts are girl friendly (like a ladies boudoir) and gentlemen should be extra polite. So far your off topic comments have been on her posts and it makes me uncomfortable.

      Laddish on-topic comments can be directed to my posts.

      I hope that helps.

      There is an edge – try not to fall off it…

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