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! wr 4girls1 ! wr 061-630x350 ! wr lol1-tt-width-600-height-400-bgcolor-000000 ! wr Nightgown_01 ! wr tiffany-k-11I suppose the big news is the new law in the UK banning some pornography or moderating it or… well here is a link that sets some of it out. I am not sure what motivated this or why it wasn’t debated over much. I thought that they had all but dropped this rather ignorant piece of legislation. But as usual the only people in politics who care are the ones with a stick up their arse about what people do in bed. Oh hang on… I think a stick up the arse is illegal now…

There is a nanny state element to all of this as it seems in many cases to be based upon what people might copy at home. But there have been attempts before to do this kind of law and most fall at the first court test with recent obscenity trials descending into ridicule and laughter.

One university vice-chancellor (dean if you are in some countries) was asked by the police to remove some quite strong gay art from his library. His response is un-postable but in short he told them to arrest him or get lost. They did the latter.

How does all this affect spanking and this blog? Actually I have no idea. But for what it is worth, firstly I do not deal in porn, so presumably until a court says I do then I am unaffected. Secondly I am not publishing in the UK as such nor do I deal in the moving image, which seems to be the main target of this. I will of course comply with any lawful requests (assuming anyone makes one and does not just take down this blog and kick my door in at three in the morning.)

The government have said (as if it is any of their business – and they talk about reducing government: the hypocrites) that they are not concerned about spanking per se, but are concerned with some BDSM. But they do have a bigger gang than I have so what they say goes rather. But in short, it is business as usual until I get anything concrete to the contrary.

Pictures this week are taken from: Yeowch, AAA, Spanking Blogg, Spank Statement and Au Fils Des Jours.

7 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. From my initial reading of the article it seems to apply to the film industry but only filming here in the UK, however the worry is that censorship will gradually creep into all aspects of “play,” I feel certain that it will encroach on blogs, forums and blogs here in the UK and no doubt, much like piracy the different internet providers will start blocking sites based outside the UK.

    There are a few fetishes and lifestyle choices that I don’t like and wouldn’t want to try, but I don’t have to subscribe to those blogs and what individuals do that is safe, legal and above all consensual is entirely up to them.

    As an English taxpayer, albeit a retired taxpayer there are plenty of other public concerns that the government should be addressing first.

    (Grief must make sure my Rosaleen Young stash is safe 😉 )

  2. I’m not sure they do have a bigger gang than you have. But they do have the power of law on their side. You’d think they would have better things to worry about, but some people feel put on earth to worry about what other people are doing. We see that in the US more and more, unfortunately.

    • 5 DJ

      Gang is a wide term I use it loosely. But I know these people when they are off duty. Don’t imagine they know what they are doing … 😦

      But as I say – I will observe the law no matter if it is an ass.

  3. 6 cindy2

    I consulted the link you provided, DJ, and suspect the law may be the impetus for the creation of a new profession that may become known as “knuckle counters.”

    It appears that determination of whether a fisting scene is in compliance with the new legislation requires a close inspection of digits, knuckles and the location of said digits and knuckles in relation to the anal ring. To wit:

    “Fisting is not acceptable. Penetration with all five digits beyond last knuckle is not acceptable; but all five digits of two or more hands would be acceptable as long as not past last knuckle.”

    Someone needs to keep track of all this. This should not be left up to mere amateurs. Perhaps universities can offer majors: intensive class work and “hands-on” lab work, leading to certification or even licensure.

    Also, does the language “two or more hands” imply that the new legislation gives tacit approval to an extra-terrestrial with three or more hands to go to town on a bottom as long as said extra-terrestrial is mindful of the other restrictions of the legislation?

  4. 7 DJ

    It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. 😐

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