Corner Time Quirks


spanking cornertime spanking cornertimeHere are some random snippets that I was saving until I thought of a better way to use them. They are all on the theme of corner time and purport to be real experiences.

Joan wrote:

“I had a bit of a bratty mouth in college and one day at dance class some hijinks led to a not so playful spanking with my leggings down and me in just a thong. The theme of the class had been our most embarrassing moments and I hadn’t really taken it seriously. So to really make sure I learned my lesson they handcuffed me with a prop set to the bar in the corner and left my leggings down while they went off for coffee. With a red bottom in a thong on show to anyone passing the viewing window I was left for about 40 minutes before they came back. It was so embarrassing, but it was typical of the pranks we played on each other.”


Terri wrote:

My two older cousins once spanked me with a plank in the woodwork shed because I kept following them around. Afterwards they nailed my denim shorts to the floor so that I was pinned in the corner at the ankles with my bare bum showing. They left me there until my aunt came and had to free me. She thought it was hilarious and told me it served me right, but I think she may have later spanked my cousins anyway even though one of them was 20. I wish I had seen that Lol.


Mary1950 wrote:

When I first worked at an office in 1960s we had a really traditional boss. He was always threatening to spank us girls for chatting or not doing our work. I never knew him carry out the threat, but he did often make us girls stand and face the wall during our lunch hour if we displeased him. It was so embarrassing when the post boy or other visitors dropped by.

11 Responses to “Corner Time Quirks”

  1. 1 gahollen

    the first time i saw my sisters doing corner time was wonderful, they were always ganging up on me and getting me slippered. so when i walked in and saw them facing the wall with well slippered red bottoms on display was great as i knew they were due another dose. in our house you were slippered and sent to bed so if you were slippered and sent to face the wall then another dose of the slipper would follow and then you were sent to bed. they had both seen me facing the wall many times this was the first but not last time i saw them face the wall.

  2. 4 Becky

    I have just spent time in the corner every day for the past two weeks. It is always so humiliating and effective. I was ashamed at my own behaviour so thoroughly deserved it together with my other punishments.

  3. 7 Becky

    Time varied from 15 to 90 minutes but typically 30-45 minutes. As I was being punished this was inevitably mainly with the discomfort of my hands on my head or fingertips touching my shoulders and my nose firmly to the wall (sometimes holding a marked tissue in place). As I was in school uniform I had the extra indignity of having my school knickers lowered to my ankles or knees and my school dress and cardigan pinned up. This was humiliating enough on its own let alone when it followed the application of the cane or strap or the appropriately harsh maintenance spankings my misbehaviour meant I deserved which meant my stripped and/or red behind was on display. It remains such a demeaning and deservedly childish punishment to endure if I do not obey the rules I have agreed to.

    • 8 DJ

      my congratulations to your Dom/husband? Becky – I hope you are well behaved. 🙂

  4. 9 Becky

    Obviously I am trying pretty hard to be both compliant and fulfil my submissive role in an exemplary way following my deserved but strict punishment. I am still subject to some ongoing sanctions with respect to my dress and extra Church work which is appropriate for the offences I committed. Of course the frequency and severity of miaintenance spankings has increased and the associated Corner time which is helping me maintain focus.

    • 10 DJ

      How long have you accepted this role – I mean with your husband – although quite curious about what your longest corner time was

  5. 11 Becky

    I have been a submissive wife for five years now. It has been difficult for me to maintain the correct behaviour and this has required some stricter rules and HoHs support in enforcing them and dealing with any non-compliance on my part. It makes me a better person. Even now as I am about to go and spend two hours cleaning the Parish rooms dressed exactly as HoH as specified because of my recent misbehaviour I don’t like it but know it is what I deserve. I would say most of my corner times are about 30 minutes but as a punishment I do sometimes have to 90 minutes with my hands on my head, my nose firmly to the wall and my knickers down and dress and skirt pinned up so that my spanked or caned behind is on display. Hope this helps.

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