Indigo says hello


2post 1stI often think of saying hello to you.

I think of it most often afterwards. When he has spanked me, when I am sore, swollen and filled with how unfair he is and I should like to tell you, “Do not be nice to DJ. Don’t listen to him when he tells you it is a good thing for a girl to be taken over her man’s lap. Do not agree when he lifts her skirt or removes her pretty knickers put on only to entice him.”

I want to tell you that he is totally wrong.

While I am still planning my stirring words for you he calls me back from the corner. I glare at the wall for a few moments more finalising my speech to you in my head. I know my words would have moved you and, were you here, you would speak to him on my behalf.2post3

You would say, “DJ, this delightful girl who loves you should not be spanked. She may be the girl who spoke back to you and allowed herself to get bad tempered and snickity but she is also the girl who loves you and makes cakes for you. Don’t spank her. Instead, put her knickers back where they should be and pull her onto your lap for a cuddle.”

He would listen to you, I think. He would see the sense in your words and instead of telling me off one last time and taking my wrist in his hand to place me once more over his knees, he would pause. He would look at my hair falling over my face and my toes pointing awkwardly at one another. He would remember how much he would rather hear me giggle than cry out. He would remember how good it feels to have me in his lap and not over it. He would simply kiss my hand as he pulls me towards him for a kiss.

But I never do say hello to you. I stay silent as a song bird in the night time.

Without your intervention, he gathers me to him from the corner and does exactly as he intended to all along. That is, he looks down at my bottom which he considers to have lost its redness and settled into a dusky pink and returns it to what he considers a proper colour. My protests fall from my mind and within a few minutes I have forgotten what it was I would have said to you at all, except, maybe, that I love him. When at last he turns me over and kisses me I forget anyone exists at all outside of our world.

You never have heard my pleas or my views on what we do and how we live. You have only heard brief references to me. I have been a silent partner, reading him, as you do, not greeting you or introducing myself until last week when I managed to stutter out my name before returning to hide.

I am happiest hiding in his shadow though, it is a pleasant shadow.  It allows me to stand behind him, hold his hand and whisper thoughts into his ear. I tell him I adore him, I tell him not to be so strict. He listens to me about half the time.

Until next week …

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Thank you so much to all the people that commented last week. I will not be making any comments anywhere and it was very hard not to respond on the day. I read all your comments about four times over and squeaked and squealed about my day. I may have sat on DJ’s lap and prodded him to make thank you comments back. He will not, for some reason, allow me to tell him what to write. Perhaps he feels that typing the words, “You lovely, lovely snugly pups.” is somehow not in keeping with his persona.


19 Responses to “Indigo says hello”

  1. I am giggling at that last part 🙂 I think DJ might have been also. You’re lovely, Indigo.

  2. Hello Indigo,
    Glad to hear your voice. It sounds so very familiar as if we have all met before, not so long ago. I know DJ stated you won’t be commenting which is unfortunate for that voice is so familiar.

  3. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Don’t remember whether anyone has pointed this out yet, but Indigo’s is the real “Voice in the Corner”. Looking forward to hearing more from her unique perspective in the weeks and months ahead.

  4. Oh, Indigo, have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you’ve known them forever? As if that person’s voice is an echo in your own heart, which sometimes can be a cave and sometimes a lake and sometimes a stand of trees at the top of a hill, but it is a lonely place?

    And then this new friend says something–something like, “hello,” and suddenly the cave has a crack that lets the sunlight in and the lake has a swiftly moving canoe and the stand of trees is filled with birds. I am watching the rain fall. I am in my quiet chair with my ipad on my lap. And yet I am also far away. With you.

  5. Indigo, Scarlet says you have a lovely voice. Yes, you do; lovely and somehow comfortable and familiar. I’m glad you decided not to hide all the time.

  6. 6 Jon MontanaVega

    Beautiful words and an awesome picture in your signature card Indigo.

  7. I have patiently, or not so patiently, awaited all week for you to come out of the shadows and here you are. Whilst driving this evening in the desert, I watched as the sky went from azure blue to indigo, and thought of you, and knew that when I reached my destination, and greetings and dinner was finished, I’d be able to retire to my bed and share a few moments with you. Hello. 🙂

  8. 8 DJ

    I try to ignore any silliness – but only up to a point 😐 Indigo will know when she crosses the line.

    Thanks again for dropping by – 🙂

    • Oh, DJ, surely silliness is part of her charm, and an occasional “lovely, lovely, snugly, pup” can’t hurt. 😉

  9. DJ, i was waiting for you to call us “lovely, lovely snugly pups!” 😦

  10. 12 Mindy

    Indigo, you have a lovely voice, even when you’re in the corner. 😉

  11. 13 DJ

    She’ll be pleased to hear that – but she really hates the corner. 🙂

  12. 14 kaki

    DJ, if you would rather call us “lovely, lovely, snuggly kitties”, I’m sure Indigo won’t mind, or is it that Indigo missed a ‘g’ and you didn’t want to misspell snuggly. Yep, I’m sure that’s it. Feel free to call us “”lovely, lovely, snuggly pups” now.

    Corner time, shmorner time, a waste of time.

  13. 16 Raffe

    Oh God, this has turn too soft, and only on the second posting. Looking forward to next week.

  14. 18 MrJ

    Let me just say I cannot put things more eloquently than scarlet did.

  15. It is funny that you mention squealing because that is what I have been doing for the last 15 minutes. I’m so happy to see that DJ has a new addition to his blog. It was terribly boring here until you came along xoxo

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