Weekly Round-Up


251 About21 bailey-paige-spanking black-mass-butts-01 happy-days-hayes-players-1937 pic05 red-bottom-spanked-517x1024 Shoes-sofa-500x751Attics are cold. Fingers become numb and it gets hard to write… you can see where this is going. In any case I have quite a lot of commercial work to do and need to get on.

My latest romance, Tamed by the Cossack is out. It is a novella of around 28,000 words and is a reworking of Winter’s Tale. As at least one person has pointed out the blurb does rather give us the story, an issue I have taken up with the publisher. Maybe it is how it is done these days?

Indigo will be back on Wednesday, so stay tuned.

This week it is also worth reminding you that the Spanking Blogg (two Gs) is still open for nominations for this year’s spanking awards.

Before I go and leave you with the pictures. The theatrical shot is from the Spank Statement, which has the back story.

Other pictures are from: Dallas, Cutiepie, All Things Spanking, the Spanking Blog, Acknowledging Imperfection, Girls’ Boarding School and About Spanking.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. The 2nd picture is from the Shadow Lane video “Girl Spanks Girl, Volume 1” (SLV-044d)

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