Introducing Indigo: First of a Sigh


1 indigoI arrived at Castle Black almost two years ago.

That sounds fantastically gothic, doesn’t it? It was a little gothic at the time. My new life started with him from that point.

I was a stranger in a strange land and the city overwhelmed me. At day it was acceptable, I was too busy to strain against it but at night the city glowed. It burst at the seams with light and with people. I felt lost. I felt like a bear who has strayed too far from the forest and could not find a way home.

Standing one night looking over the city, he stood behind me. His arms are muscular, heavy like a velvet cape, luxurious and warm,  he draped them over me.  Deep voiced and whispering he tilted by head to the left. He showed me Canary Wharf where we had walked along the river at the weekend. He guided my eyes across the skyline building by building, giving me the keys to his city making it ours. I tried couldn’t keep my eyes tethered to the subject of the lesson. They kept lifting as though my vision was tempted like a kite to the sky.

1 indigo night scape londonAs day and night exchange seats the sky turns indigo. The landmarks of London are black, gold and red in relief but the sky remains indigo. The sky is the same sky, I thought, as the one I had left. This clean, dark, magical sky is the constant.

It is easy to look at the buildings, man-made and temporary and forget the ethereal sky. It is easy to look at the daily grind and forget the beauty and love that is the back drop to every day spent with one who truly loves you and truly sees you. There are times when the kitchen is a mess or we have people coming and I see we are low on milk when the grime and the machinations of life threaten to drag me down and make me forget what I am, what he is and what we are. But I raise my eyes, I see him, I see the sky behind him and I remember.

Every day is ritual, every day is beauty. The careless slap to my bottom as he passes, the  strong hand that pins me down in the night; these are signs to the sky, signs that life is more than the toil.

And the sigh.

At first the sigh was loss and change, with every new life we must cast off an old one. And then the sigh was a dreamy sigh as a girl gives when she imagines all that could possibly be. I have dreamed of this life, I have dreamed of this man. I have dreamed of this safety, this love and the sanctuary of his care and his discipline. Like any girl when dusk comes around, I have sat at many a window and dreamed. I still dream.

And now the sigh is contentment by the fire while the wind races the leaves outside; the sigh is the moment when my head tucks under his chin and I breathe in his scent; the sigh is the profound relief when he says to my audible groan, “You clearly need more of this, don’t you young lady?” and I hear the cane swishing in to greet me.

The sigh is something else, one last thing. The sigh is a secret sigh, a little lust with a touch of fulfilment. The sigh is normally a sound meant for a lover, a confirmation for his ears alone.

This is who I am, Indigo Sigh. I am at home here, in Castle Black, surrounded by velvet and enchanted by the indigo above. With DJ’s permission and support I should like to stop by every now and again to tell you what it is like to be the girl in his corner.

Indigo Signature Banner


Editor’s Note: For reasons I can’t go into Indigo cannot comment here, so boringly mysterious I know. But she will read your comments with interest, should you make some, and I of course will comment as usual. All the best DJ.

21 Responses to “Introducing Indigo: First of a Sigh”

  1. Welcome Indigo! I’d been so very curious about your name. Lovely to hear from you (and absolutely worth being a little late this morning). Thanks for sharing this beautiful glimpse into Castle Black.

  2. You are most welcome here, Indigo. Return soon.

  3. I may not ever look at the sky again without wishing it was indigo. And when it is? We will share that sky, Indigo.

  4. Bravo! Looking forward to hearing more from you, Sweet Indigo Sigh! 🙂

  5. So nice to hear from you Indigo; sounds like you found your way. Good for you.

  6. How exciting!
    I read here regularly, and enjoy it, though I never comment, but
    I have so missed….this kind of writing.

  7. So good to see you, Indigo, and wonderful to know you will be a regular contributor. Hope you’re finding pockets of forest in London to let your inner bear run free.

  8. 14 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Indigo, your writing reminds me a little of Isak Dineson’s “Seven Gothic Tales”. To know that a creature such as yourself, makes her home in Damien’s “castle” sends the imagination in so many directions. Let us pray you find time to share more of your adventures with this man and this place.

  9. 15 Raffe

    It is so beautiful to here a soft voice from the corner. I will look forward to Wednesday’s. Thanks to you both.

  10. 16 Mindy

    What a pleasure to find you here, Indigo! Love your writing.

  11. Sigh. Twilight, that magical moment when the day and the night share the moment and the canopy afire with crimson and gold gives way to indigo. Amidst all this wonder, you have found your way to Castle Black, and have found safety, protection, and all that you need from the Laird therein. Love, like the indigo sky, the magical moments shared in the blending of day and night.

    I am overjoyed to find you here, Indigo! Like others, I love your writing and look forward to words of delight, wisdom and adventure.

  12. 18 DJ

    A very popular addition to this blog it would seem – thanks everyone.


  13. Gorgeous imagery, delightfully presented. A splendid addition, indeed. 🙂

  14. 21 MrJ

    This is so uniquely beautiful – great to find you here!

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