Weekly Round-Up


w1 kim kardashian1 w1 lol w1 npp7093043-630x350 w1 spankingblog-640x960 w1 teen-brandi-in-pain w1 tumblr_nf1o7fy9nU1u1s8vmo3_500 w1 well-spanked-farm-girlThank you to all those who commented last week on Love Our Lurker’s Day and a big thank you to Hermione for organising it. In the end we had around 50 comments, and I know other blogs had a lot more. Also a big thank you to the thousands who didn’t comment, after all the day was about acknowledging you were there. If you did comment then strictly speaking you are no longer a lurker. Also let’s face it if everyone who visited last Wednesday had commented then the blog probably would have crashed.

To wrap up, some people have asked about Magic and when is it going to be published as an e-book. There is no date but reedits and proofing are underway. Also some have asked about Corporation Punishment. This was a project started and not yet continued. It is another example of how ideas clash with time I am afraid. If only this was my full time job.

I know I have said this before but I will be returning to Abraham Heights (soon) and Raw (perhaps not so soon). There will be another Abaconti story, also more steampunk, Angela, Cade County, Justice Adjustment… well you get the idea.

On a more certain note, Tamed by the Cossack is a new short story, my first romance, which will be published in time for Christmas. It is a rewrite of Winter’s Tale and more suited to those who like straight M/F OTK spanking stories.

Also on Wednesday we will have a first post by my girl indoors Indigo Sigh for a glimpse behind the scenes at Castle Black.

As for Spankville: I don’t know if you saw the newspapers this week, most of them published the latest photo-shoot of Kim Kardashian and her apparently amazing bottom; republished from Ronnie Soul above.  Just a word to the envious, Ms K’s glorious behind has been photoshoped to buggery and the snaps might be called misleading. We know this (rather than suspect it) because some of the original shots made it into the press also. Maybe someone needs a spanking. I love the way serious newspapers published this soft porn in the name of news and not all of them put a pixel over the frontal shots either; only in Fleet Street.

The Spank Statement has some more scenes from that Moliere play.

Other pictures this week are from: Chross, Cutiepie, Spanking Blog and Spanking Blogg, Au fils des jours and Scarlet’s Real Magic.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. *Squeals* I am so excited that you are turning Winters Tale into a romance novel!!! Also that it will be formatted more for the OTK crowd. I realy enjoyed the story so much. I must admit though that I am very excited to see it after your changes. Would love a bit more sap and tenderness once they can finally be together. Thank you for making this story such a priority!

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