Spanking in Paradise


canedI pulled this off an alternative travel site. Apparently a group of hippies and their ‘naked hula dancing’ in India ran afoul of the local authorities. Despite the brutality of the story the girls (and guys) involve seemed to have viewed the whole episode as an adventure. The picture above is one of the girls and here is an excerpt from the report.

“Ten cops showed up just before the magical witching hour of eternal and cosmic renewal and demanded an outrageous bribe of 30,000 Rupees. That’s almost $500! Their demand was politely declined which then was met with a very crude rebuttal and raised bamboo truncheons.

An order was barked, cops charged forth and truncheons were heartily swung. A bamboo truncheon, which feels about 42 inches in length, hurts like a sonuvabitch when struck into soft buttocks. I howled like a naughty school girl served a capital sentence. The hula hoop dancers loosed high-pitched animal shrieks of pain when the truncheons raised purple welts on their luscious bottoms. The drummers were drummed without mercy, the guitarists, too, were violently strummed.”

It goes on…

“The bamboo spanking sorely dampened our party spirits and fully routed we scampered into the night holding our sorry butts less they slip off our hips. Alas, not every child of birthday bliss escaped the clutches of corrupt authority. The drummers were hauled off to jail to be processed which meant negotiating the baksheesh — the bribe to be paid for sullying the bamboo truncheons of Indian law and order. In the morning the casualties gathered to commiserate and compare wounds…”

“There was no musical interlude at sunset that day. The drummers were still in jail. The hula hoop girls’ luscious bottoms were too sore and bruised to sway to the syrupy rhythms of tangerine sunsets.Eventually our wounds and welts receded like surly phantoms slipping and sliding into early morning dew. We resumed our carefree lives and frolicked as spring lambs would frolic upon hearing the news that the local abattoir had gone belly-up. Love and lust again, and again and again, moistened the moonlit beach sands while shards of broken hearts were taken up by the warm caresses of velvet waves and carried away by a demoralized Cupid whose silken wings are moulting causing him to plunge into the Arabian Sea like Icarus shot in the head by a cuckolded sniper.”

Some people would pay for that kind of treatment. I guess some Indian police don’t like hippies.

6 Responses to “Spanking in Paradise”

  1. 1 Frekeishly


    I’ve been a lurker for a long time but thought I should do you the curtesy of finally writing. Thank you for your stories which I much enjoy. I hope you enjoy writing and realise the pleasure you bring people. How did you start as a writer and do you have ny tips for aspiring writers?

    • 2 DJ

      Hi F,


      Not sure what I can tell you about writing… I am still learning

      here are three tips:

      1. The Orwell gambit – keep it simple – know what you want to say and say it. Easier said than done.

      2. Read and read good stuff.

      3. Perfection is for the Gods – keep learning…

  2. That settles it. I’m heading for India.
    Hari Bol.

  3. 4 Kirsten

    Still lurking…thanks for the great stories.

  4. 5 DJ

    Thanks guys 🙂

  5. 6 paul

    I am looking for a woman in Pittsburgh,pa to spank me

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