Saturday in the corner


corner-time-1 corner-time-2 corner-time-3 corner-time-4A little homage to Karen and her friends and for Jodie who sent me a very rude email bluntly saying ‘I hate corner time, hate it. No more corners and no more corner time pictures either…’

You know who you are.

18 Responses to “Saturday in the corner”

  1. 1 Taylor

    Love it

  2. 2 George

    Probably they need a long kneeling corner time followed by a very long handspanking followed by a long standing cornertime.
    If they still aren’t submitted 100%… well a traditional DD instrument can help their attitude.

  3. 3 Jon MontanaVega

    Is it extra punishment to make them stand in the corner with their heels on, or are models the only ones required to do this? Just wondering.

  4. You can’t put a girl in a corner on a Saturday. Not fair.

  5. 8 PDBB

    The whole purpose of using *the corner* as punishment (either as primary or an adjunct to a spanking) is, that it is *horrible*. It is demeaning, juvenile retentive (like getting a panties down spanking isn’t?) and very, very humiliating. BUT; it can be very effective and peg diminishing! Especially if applied to a person who considers herself *too big* to be treated as a child.
    Growing up in house run by a woman [step mother], who believed if you behaved (in her estimation) like a child you would be treated accordingly. Corner time was an ordeal. It wasn’t something you would risk incurring for as you got older the time increased seemingly exponentially spent isolated (but in clear view of anyone invited into the house) in that corner. And if you didn’t do it as was required you would run the risk the punishment starting over again – including the *reminder spanking*!
    I often came home to one or more of my sisters occupying a prominent position face buried deep against the wall of shame. Even the oldest, a recent college graduate but still living *under her roof*, had to be careful not to find herself, red faced and more than likely red bottomed, sobbing in the corner. I think she was a senior in high school when she was caught *cutting* classes and spent a whole weekend facing the wall. (I don’t think she ever did it again)
    My Twin sister suffered an extreme in the use of humiliation as control, by getting into an untimely argument with mother. She was already dressed and waiting for her boyfriend to call for her. The argument ended with mother ordering Lynn to get into her pajamas and ready for bed. My sister had no choice in the matter( the alternative being; it would be done with mother’s assist). The tearful girl was called downstairs and placed in the corner to wait for the boy to arrive. When the doorbell rung, our mother let the boy in and explained that his date was being punished and would be going to bed early that night. My sister broke into bitter tears and ran upstairs, ignoring mother’s orders, to get back down here young lady! Mother excused herself saying that there was going to be a very sorry young lady put to bed that night. If her boyfriend was anywhere near the house he would have heard a *young lady* getting her bottom strapped, screaming her promises to be good.
    Ultimately it didn’t effect her dating career (as she remained very popular in school) but her boyfriends knew she had a curfew.
    As I said, the retention of corner time was a very effective punishment tool. An hour facing a bare wall was an eternity. So if you were sentenced to an afternoon or an evening so restricted you can imagine how careful you would be to follow the rules in the future.

  6. 10 pierrepoint1

    If Jodie doesn’t enjoy corner time, she should stop doing the things that get her placed in the corner.

  7. 12 Becky

    Corner time is a humiliating and always saluatory lesson for me as a grown woman for the reasons described above. Standing nose to the corner hands on head, spanked or caned/strapped behind on display is horrible. Other than my HoH only my Mother-in-law ever sees me being punished in this was but it is an awful experience which I do my utmost to avoid by behaving compliantly. I have to say if I were to resist the assigned punishment or try to avoid it saying it was Saturday, I know the consequences would be deservedly severe. I know I would be spanked severely and spend at least an hour or more in the corner reflecting on my behaviour. I would then receive a formal set of punishments for my reticence to be disciplined and insolence. I am sure I would be caned, have my mouth washed with soap for a few days, lines appropriate to my offence, grounding and daily punishment spanking with plenty of corner time before and after to enable me to accept appropriate punishment. I am sure this is true for other submissive wives. Becky

    • 13 DJ

      Thank you Becky – I am sure you are right. 🙂

      Thanks everyone for your comments on this very popular post.

    • 14 George

      Hope you have a sister raised the same way!
      Btw, how old are you (and siisters)?

  8. 15 KV

    I read once that a good corner time punishment is being made to sit on one those rough car mats, right after a sound spanking.

    But honestly, being made to sit on much of anything with a bristly texture would probably work. (Like, you know, a hair brush that you may or may have used for said spanking?)

    • 16 DJ

      The Czech’s and Russians are into that and I hear people in those parts of the US where central and Eastern Europeans dominated

  9. 17 Becky

    George – I think you are confusing me with the blogger talking about her sister’s punishment when younger whereas I am now punished if I fail to meet my role as a submissive wife. I am in my mid 20s. Becky

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