Dear Sir


cornertime9I had this email from Karen and with her permission I thought I would post it. It has been edited down to make narrative sense and I have removed some of the extensive enthusiastic discussion of my blog and where it got more personal.

Dear Sir,

I hope this is not too creepy but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your blog. I have been fascinated by all things spanking for as long as I can remember and blogs such as yours make me feel normal.

I like your stories with embarrassing corner time and grown-up women who finally get what they deserve, but in particular I like the way you explore the ‘love it-hate it’ dilemma that goes on in a girl’s head. Punishment for me is very much what I sincerely need and not at all what I want.

I once read on another blog I think about a woman who said she loved the idea of being punished and she really loved having been punished, but that the punishment itself was always horrible and if it wasn’t then it didn’t work for her. Your stories very much capture this.

What prompted me to finally write was your short feature on actual corner time a while back. I love the idea of real women getting punished like this and I think it is more believable that they are because I was punished this way in my late teens and early 20s. Not with the family but while I was living with two girls and an older guy.

It began after I left home and went to work in London. I moved into a shared house but they were all a bit older than me and I had trouble adjusting to sharing a space with adults. I had a real bust-up with Rachel, one of the older girls. She was 23 and at 19 I thought she was so grown-up. So I was really embarrassed when she called me a brat and she told the Tom, the 30-year-old guy who owned the house, that he should sort me out or get rid of me. I think now she was a bit of a bitch but back then I felt about a foot tall.

He said something like ‘what do you want me to do, spank her?’

I just melted into a puddle of blushing shame and everyone noticed. They didn’t spank me, but I might have gone along with it I suspect, but after a few drinks we got talking about penalties for not washing-up, leaving laundry and the like.

Tom said that I wasn’t the only one and Patricia, the other girl who was only two years older agreed that she was sloppy too. Not as bad as me though. To smooth things over we agreed a list of rules and somehow the idea came up that the offending girl should have to stand in the corner whenever she broke them.

Patricia thought this was hilarious and we agreed that a simple offence would be half an hour and for repeats and multiple offences it would go up in half hour increments. The kicker was that Tom said Rachel would also have to accept the penalties too. I think he thought that this would kill the idea as he didn’t seem very comfortable with it all at first. But Rachel, because she was so perfect, agreed.

None of us thought it come to anything but about a day later Patricia forgot to do the dishes. She just kept apologising and then to everyone’s surprise she said ‘half an hour wasn’t it? Is someone going to time it or shall I use an alarm clock.’ Then she actually went to the corner and faced the wall.

There was something strangely exciting about it and I just sat in a chair watching her fantasising about spanking and what if we had made that a penalty too. I have to say it worked though. I was terrified of messing up or pushing anyone’s buttons and made an extra effort. But it was fun knowing that something could happen, I just didn’t want it to. Like I said it is I wanted it but didn’t want it.

A few days later Patricia forgot to put the rubbish out and this time had a whole hour in the corner. This made the whole thing stick.

I didn’t get mine for another week. I left some clothes in the bathroom sink. I was so embarrassed but I had a tingle in my tummy as a gleeful Rachel and Patricia led me to the corner. I was scared, as I say really embarrassed, but I was buzzing.

It worked for me though. I tried hard not to get it and pretty soon Patricia was the main offender and Rachel and I got on much better. Patricia once got a whole Saturday afternoon in the corner after throwing up drunk and not cleaning up. I absolutely loved it. The most I ever had was an hour.

Best of all was when Rachel left some toast under the grill and went to work early. We were awoken by the fire alarm and I had never seen Tom so pissed off.

At first Rachel refused to go to the corner and we had a row, but I know Patricia said something and so did Tom. So finally she agreed.

Unlike Patricia she didn’t make a joke of it and she hated it, especially when Tom told it should an hour as it was so dangerous. I wish I had taken a photo it was priceless and Rachel looked so humble in that corner.

I had fantasies about Tom spanking her or sometimes me, for weeks afterwards and it is still a go to memory.

All this happened in the early 90s and these days I am happily married. My husband spanked me a lot when we first got married and yes there was corner time. I expect you would love to know more about that – maybe another time.

I am still spanked but there less corner time now that we have kids. I can see it now, ‘mum why are you standing there?’ We don’t punish the kids like this and they wouldn’t understand.

Thanks again,

Yours faithfully



Thank you Karen.

4 Responses to “Dear Sir”

  1. Thank you Karen for your journey into a spanko’s head and your real life experience. I can relate in many ways.
    Thank you DJ for posting her letter.

  2. 3 Raffe

    Thank you all for the letter and the posting.

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