Weekly Round-Up


1 wr aaa005-630x354 1 wr allt 1 wr culture-thug-01-riannaconda 1 wr neverlearn1 1 wr nude-woman-clothed-man 1 wr tumblr_ne92vzDM0S1tw3dolo1_500 1wr otk 1wr sey-spanking-Copy-640x448My apologies for the parsimonious posting last week, it was just one of those times.

Thanks again for all the correspondence and contributions.

Noteworthy events this week include Chross passing his eight years as a blogger landmark, congrats to the most popular spanking blog in Spankville. Also AAA Spanking have launched an annual spanking award at Spanking blog, this is to fill the hole left by the Spank Spot. I wonder which spanking model will challenge Chross for the top spot this year. But there are plenty of other categories if you want to take part.

In other news Pandora Blake of Dreams of Spanking fame has made the Guardian newspaper talking about ethical porn. All Things Spanking carries a report.

The Spank Statement has yet another theatrical feature and some great pictures, see Catwoman above.

Also Halloween seems to have passed with very few new spanking pictures. Spanking Toons providing the only original picture I saw, including the rehash one carried here.

Other pictures this week come via: AAA, Cutiepie, All Things Spanking, Scarlet’s Real Magic and Blossom and Thorn.

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