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Spanking Art


I came across this drawing by artist Joan Pelaez, which features two women in a curious rustic spanking scene. Pelaez is the illustrator for Spanking Tails but this work is new to me. Nor can I say much about the artist or find many other examples of her work.

Part I The storm was bad. It was perhaps the worst storm Ivan could remember for the time of year. Not that it was any worse than those he had lived through over many a winter. But he did understand why many of the Prince’s men quailed in the face of it. The rain fell […]

TV Spanking


Here is another curio from the original 1970s TV sci-fi The Tomorrow People. US actress (as they were called back then) Sandra Dickinson (an alien girl called Emily) is spanked by Nicholas Young who played the original John character, who is still featured in the latest US remake of the show. In this episode of […]

Charlie Lain’s mess of dark blonde curls tumbled pell-mell over her face as she stood bent at the waist in the middle of Davina’s floor. Her only clothing was a short white T-shirt emblazoned with a large yellow smiley face and a tiny pair of white ankle socks. She was a small girl with a […]