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Yvonne practiced her pout, making little sucking noises and clicking with her tongue. It was a habit she had when she was bored or as in this case nervous. The pixie-haired blonde had been sitting outside the headmaster’s office for 20 minutes now and as break was nearly over Yvonne was getting rather concerned that […]

Okay so this might not be a coffee morning, more like some kind of sex therapy party. But two women demonstrate how a woman can be spanked to orgasm. No idea what is going on but everyone seems to be having a great time. Not for everyone; some girls need to cry.

Weekly Round-Up


Been trying to stay abreast of things this week; for one thing I finally added Dom With Pen’s new blog to my blogroll among others, so do check them out. Thanks to Scarlet for the heads up. I noticed that All Things Spanking has been having Google trouble. They really don’t like spanking. Bonnie has […]

Vintage Sunday


Nun such thing


I saw the pictures above and remembered a girl I went to night school with. There was an article in the newspapers about the local convent school six form college and the fact that they still bought canes. The chief nun was quoted as saying something like: “We don’t really use corporal punishment anymore, we […]

When Siobhan was 18, by her own admission she rather immaturely teased a young man at her college. It was all she could think of to get his attention. This was back in the 1980s but she still remembers it vividly. He was a big rugby sort and not one of the intellectuals and politicos […]

Bristol 1896 Dear Mr Bradshaw, I am sure that you think me a silly little thing and of no account at all, and who is to blame you? My behaviour at our last meeting could only have confirmed any low opinion you may have formed of me. But the truth is I hold you in […]

I don’t suppose this picture has anything to do with it, but there was a brief story about a mass caning of young women in a secretarial school in Korea. Apparently some teacher lost his rag with a whole class. The story was accompanied by a grainy newspaper photo of genuinely welted bottoms half exposed […]

Weekly Round-Up


I have had some great feedback lately so thanks to everyone who has commented, sent in kind wishes and for the contributions. It is cold and wet here and I think I am going to bail on writing as soon as I have finished this post. It is mostly just pictures this week but I […]

Vintage Sunday