The Justice Adjustment


1950s spnkingCarolyn Brady sucked in her cheeks and let out a long slow breath. The building wasn’t exactly what she had expected but it was kind of appropriate. Her smart sunburn orange skirt suit and pillbox hat matched the auburn red of her hair, but definitely made her look out of place next to the crumby broken down premises, but it felt right somehow. Nevertheless the New York backstreet building must have been built before Teddy Roosevelt more than 50 years ago and she doubted it would be still standing in another 50.

I need to be out of my comfort zone, she thought. But still she didn’t move as part of her knew this was crazy. But her generous curves were gaining some stares from the street and she began to feel self-conscious.

“Show time,” she murmured and went in.

The interior was no better than the outside and there was a faint smell of urine from somewhere. Also the paint was peeling from the walls all the way up the stairwell to where she had an appointment.

Part of her hoped the office would be better, but another that it would be as dingy as hell. It would serve her right in a way. She was still pondering this when she rounded the corner and saw that the latter had won out.

“William Wendell Wentworth, Private Justice Adjustment Incorporated,” she read the legend on the glass plate door aloud. “This is most definitely the place.”

Carolyn felt an unfamiliar pang of nerves and had to resist the urge to flee. Instead she wrapped quietly and hoped no one would be in.

But almost at once a dark male voice from within called out “Come in please.”


Patty Beauchamp realised that her jaw was tense and her face had begun to ache. So with an effort she tried to relax. Not an easy thing to do when one is all but naked below the waist and standing with one’s nose in the corner like 10-year-old with a bare bottom on show.

It was still less easy when not half an hour before that rather generous bare bottom had been spanked to a cherry red until Patty had bawled like the aforesaid kid and promised her soul for a reprieve of the relentless spanking paddle of one Bill Wentworth.

Even now her hot crimson bottom cheeks gently throbbed as she began to come to terms with the all-pervasive sting and finally rein in the tears. Not that she hadn’t deserved it, but it was hard displaying too bright red swollen oval brands on one’s tail while your boss sat in your chair reviewing your work and someone could walk in at any minute.

She had no idea how much longer he would keep her there, but in any case she had been promised a serious session with the cane over at his place this Saturday just to make it stick. But that was days away and easily set aside in her job when a spanking was always days away.

The 30-year-old blonde didn’t know what was worse, the anticipation of a stranger seeing her most definitely punitive display or the fact that at any moment Bill could find something else to take her to task about and give her another spanking. The very thought made her sigh some and shift a step to shuffle the weight from one hip to the other.

Wentworth looked up at this and eyed his cool blonde secretary for a long moment as he studied for any sign of rebellion. Then he turned back to the paperwork. God he hated paperwork, he groaned inwardly, that was Patty’s job. He was so going to thrash her this weekend. She wouldn’t sit down for a week or two.

As he reached for another set of papers the chair creaked and threatened to brake. The broad-shouldered ex-marine vet was way too big for it and it looked like an adult had sat in a child’s seat.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Wentworth said, “Come in please,” without even thinking about it.


Carolyn stopped in her tracks at the sight of Patty in the corner, not that she hadn’t seen such a thing before; her upbringing had been Spartan and college life had been no cakewalk either.

“I guess I am in the right place then,” she said casually as she regained her composure.

She tried to look the large man behind the desk in the eye, but somehow she failed. A 50 and fit ex-ball player by the look of him, just the ticket she guessed if he was the one dolling out the spankings around here.

“Ah yes… you must be…” Wentworth fumbled for the appointments book and tried to read it upside down.

“Miss Brady, Carolyn Brady,” said a muffled Patty from the corner, despite her embarrassment her discipline didn’t break and she didn’t turn around. “Eh… 28 if I remember correctly, you know the heiress I mentioned…”

Wentworth dropped the book on the desk and sat back to appraise his new client.

“You know I don’t handle guys,” he said gruffly, “I mean… I usually get disgruntled husbands or rich parents, you don’t exactly fit either bill… who is it… a little sister maybe?”

Carolyn regarded him coolly and said in crisp Boston tones, “You don’t mind if I sit down?”

“My office… I usually conduct business in my…” Wentworth made to stand and indicated the other room.

Carolyn glanced at Patty in the corner and smirked as she sat down facing Wentworth anyway.

“Here is just fine,” she said crisply with a smirk.

“Okay doke,” Wentworth smiled as he sat back, “What can we do for you?”

Something told him that this dame was going to be interesting.

As she sat down Carolyn was highly conscious of where her bottom met the hard seat of the wooden chair. Not that she would have broken her pose for anything, for her life was about style and poise. But that was essentially the problem.

The proximity of Patty standing in the corner and her exposed sore bottom set a tone that was at once disconcerting and warmly familiar.

“I see you are well versed in your… craft,” Carolyn said carefully, her eyes flicking right to Patty.

Wentworth shrugged. “We only just got started,” he said.

“I won’t ask what she did, I rather suspect that it is unimportant and quite frankly it is none of my business,” Carolyn said tartly.

“Damn straight,” Patty muttered from the corner.

Wentworth shot her a look that would usually have crushed the girl meek, but her back was still turned so he let it pass, for now. Just then he was much more interested in the other dame.

Carolyn couldn’t fail to miss the exchange and her belly did flip-flops. She was stalling and she knew it, God this was going to be more difficult that she expected.

“You haven’t actually said what we can do for you? I mean you do know what we do?” Wentworth said pointedly.

Carolyn pursed her lips and nodded.

“I got the heads up from Ophelia Open,” she said, but for a moment her eyes couldn’t meet his and she coyly glanced away.

Wentworth let recognition flood his face and he smiled knowingly. It was so much better when a client had the gen from a confidant.

“So just who is the patient?” he asked smoothly as he reached for a cigarette.

Carolyn let her mouth drop open as if in mid word and closed it again. Still not meeting his eyes she said softly, “I rather think… that is… well… I am.”

The cigarette went limp in Wentworth’s mouth and he arched his eyebrows. Like he said, this dame was going to be interesting.


Carolyn had tried to explain herself three times now but each time her words stalled under the weight of a well-ingrained social veneer. One just did not say such things. But at least Wentworth had been patient and even Patty had been quite as a mouse as if she feared being sent from the room.

“You see my people were… well quite frankly they didn’t give a damn,” Carolyn continued. “I went from one privileged prep-school to another and well… I was an inconvenience. So when my parents split up it was more of a relief than anything. I mean they actually fought not to get custody.”

Carolyn giggled as if she had made a joke and rocked in her chair. Wentworth thought it was the most genuine emotion she had displayed since walking in.

“By then I was 17… well almost 18 anyway and thought I knew it all,” Carolyn continued, “In the end I went to live with a friend of a friend of my mother, the guardian of my school friend Amanda. That is when my life changed.”

Wentworth narrowed his eyes as he blew a coil of blue smoke skyward and weighed his client.

“At first I hated it, well for quite a while actually. There were so many boundaries and house rules. I mean they had a maid and yet I was expected to clean my own room.” Carolyn had a tone as if she expected this part of her tale to be doubted. “Worse still… well when I broke these rules I was… punished.”

Carolyn looked up to face what part of her hoped and another part dreaded would be a future nemesis but Wentworth returned her gaze without comment.

I had never been punished before, not that I remembered anyway, but at the Keaton’s I was not only just punished, I was spanked.” She shot a look over at Patty and a fond smile touched her face. “I remember the first time when on coming home after curfew I was confronted by an indignant Mrs Keaton brandishing a pack of cigarettes she had found in my room. I supposed they were mine, I really didn’t remember.”

“Mrs Keaton told me to go to my room and wait for her in just my nightshirt and get this, wait standing in the corner. Well I did, only not to obey her, but to pack my bags and leave. Not that I had any idea where I was going? I didn’t get my hands on the swag until I turned 21.”

Carolyn bit her lower lip and smiled wistfully as if remembering something gentle.

“I got as far as the foot of the staircase. Mrs Keaton just sighed I remember and the next thing I knew she was sitting on the third step with me over her knee and turning up my coat tails. The spanking was short sharp and embarrassing but in very short order I was eager to go back to my room and do as I was told. In my naïveté I thought that I had had my spanking and that the whole awful misunderstanding would just blow over.” Carolyn blushed.

“When she appeared in my room with that awful hairbrush I just died. Over her knee I went again and this time she… well she paddled my little bare bottom bruised until I promised to be good and for a long, long time afterwards. Not my last spanking at her hands either, it took me an awful long time to learn. Usually I resisted until I got a spanking on bare behind right out in front of anyone who happened to be there. That was always followed by some time in the corner close to wherever this indignity had occurred.” Carolyn glanced over at Patty who stood literally riveted to the spot.

“By the time I went to college getting my tail tamed was a regular event and it wasn’t all that unusual for Amanda and I to be stood side-by-side decidedly sans culottes with very sore bottom for all to see.” Carolyn winced.

“Sans what?” Wentworth cut in.

“Bare hiney front and centre,” Patty put in rather impatiently. Wentworth could hear her eyes roll even from there.

“Then there were my sorority days,” Carolyn continued. “One swallow a summer does not make, as they say, and a year at the Keaton’s was not enough to work some of the attitude out of me. That was left to my sisters at good old Lambda Kappa Mu.”

Wentworth grinned. He loved sorority stories and back in the day he had dated girls who had told him tales to make his hair stand on end.

“Go on,” he said and he took a drag on his cigarette.

“Paddled morning, noon and night, panties up, panties down, panties in a tree while some apes from the frat jeered a girl on while trying to retrieve them. Oh we had skirts on to be sure, tennis skits and I do mean short,” Carolyn blushed more than she had yet. “What can I say… there were penny races and…”

“Penny what?” Wentworth asked.

“A girl gets to push a penny or a dime with her nose on her knees with her ass in the air,” Patty explained sullenly.

The voice of experience, Wentworth thought.

“Then there were scav hunts, doctors, and guess the friend…” Carolyn listed a whole litany of hellish activities and this time Wentworth didn’t interrupt. He would get the gen from Patty later.

“My big sister used to paddle me raw if as I so much thought about a rule breach and boy if I didn’t mind my Ps and Qs… well mama spank and do mean spank. A bare bottom blistering with a drilled paddle is no fun especially when a merely muffled or less than earnest thank you gets the whole thing started again. Boy I didn’t sit down for a whole semester. And then there were other tweaks.” Carolyn rolled up her eyes.

“Tweaks,” Wentworth asked thoughtfully, he was beginning to suspect that this dame was crazy but he had to give her a chance.

Carolyn drew in a long slow breath.

“Here let me demonstrate,” she said mischievously.

As she spoke she stood up and hauled a protesting Patty out of the corner and deposited her across her lap.

“You’re a sportsman right?” she asked Wentworth.

Two minutes later she was apply deep heat to Patty’s bare bottom and was not the least bit careful where the excess went until Patty was kicking a bawling as if she was being spanked all over again.

“There were other tricks too,” Carolyn explained, “A whole hour of mustard sitters, you know a hot pack on your tail while stood in the corner to wait a paddling; this before and chilli paste after. They even had a trick with the chili dog that you do not want to know about, boy these girls played tough.”

Wentworth studied his bug-eyed secretary as she still bucked and kicked across Carolyn’s knee and snorted in amusement. He could imagine.

“Miss Brady, where is this all going?” he asked.

“I… I have no consequences in my life and I kind of miss it,” Carolyn admitted.

“So what… you want me to paddle your hind end for old time’s sake?” Wentworth asked.

“Hardly,” Carolyn spluttered, “I mean… not exactly. I couldn’t bear it really I couldn’t.”

“I bet you couldn’t,” Patty said in a surly tone from her lap.

Ignoring her Wentworth asked, “So?”

“I want… I need to know that it could happen, that if I was caught that… well my tail wasn’t safe anymore,” she whispered.

As she spoke she released Patty from her lap and let her gain her feet.

Wentworth nodded at Patty’s notebook and indicated that he wanted notes but when his secretary reached for her panties he shook his head, an order that drew a horrified gape from her.

“So you want, what, a mentor of sorts?” Wentworth frowned.

“No, that’s not it,” Carolyn sighed. “I want you to put a 28 day time limited contract on my… my you know and well, I’ll skedaddle out of town knowing you are on my… eh… tail so to speak.”

Wentworth rubbed his chin.

“If you catch me then I will accept whatever you decide and however you want to handle it over three days or for however long is left on the contract, whichever is longer. If you don’t well I…” she shrugged, “You get paid either way, but just so that you don’t take the money and dismiss me as a kook you’ll get double if you do catch me.”


Carolyn had been on the lam for almost two weeks now and she was a bag of nerves. A large part of her thought that Wentworth wasn’t even looking for her and she would be home free. Yet at the back of her mind she was certain that at any moment she would be bundled into the back of a car. She had never felt more alive.

So far she had been clever. She had booked in at the Royal and then slipped out the back without checking out after leaving a huge tip and asked that her room number remain a secret. With a decoy in place it had been a cinch from there to head to Grand Central and get a train to California. Only she hadn’t gone to California.

At a random point she had changed trains to Washington and had holed up in Georgetown where nobody knew her, but where she had visited on a brief exchange whilst in college. She had thought about Europe, but that seemed to her to be cheating and anyway it wouldn’t give her the same sense of consequence if she knew she had no chance of being caught.

No, in a day or two she would leave for Seattle and from their hire a car and take the coast road to LA. That should see her safe.

She had taken to staying in her room at the hotel and only venturing out at night, which so far had worked just fine. Now she had just one more stop to make and then she would go back.

The store on the corner wasn’t her usual shopping haunt, but it carried a brand of lipstick she loved and in any case they had a deli counter and she could grab a bite.

“Hey ho,” she sighed as she poured over the make-up stand.

But as she raised her head to try out a sample a man-sized shape in the mirror shape loomed behind her. Carolyn whirled around with a start to confront it.

“Hello Miss Brady, you took some finding,” Wentworth said with an easy smile.

Carolyn froze and her tummy tingled to the point of nausea. With the lipstick poised in mid-air she laughed nervously and said, “Hello Mr Wentworth, Fancy seeing you here.”


Carolyn had indeed been bundled into a car for the four hour drive to New York. Patty had been at the wheel and her look of smug satisfaction was like a knife in Carolyn’s ribs. The bitch had loved the fall of Carolyn Brady and how.

Now she found herself stripped to her underwear and standing in the middle of Wentworth’s office under the scrutiny of Patty and the man himself.

“Look Mr Wentworth, you have made your point, I think I got what I needed out of that little arrangement,” Carolyn said weakly, “I mean I knew you might turn up and that was the…”

“Thrill you were looking for,” Wentworth said sneeringly.

He stood now with his arms folded professionally regarding his client as she tried to wheedle out of her contract.

“No I…” was that it?

She didn’t know what she had wanted. Maybe she just wanted someone to give a damn again. Since college she had money and comfort but no rules. Instead of being content and productive she had reverted to the brat of old. But she hadn’t actually wanted to be caught had she?

“No? Well I aim to put that to the test,” Wentworth growled. “I have a small cell in the basement, for the hard cases you understand, and you are under contract for another 15 days. So this is what I propose…

Carolyn listened in horror as Wentworth explained the new contract. As far as he was concerned she was under open arrest and detailed to return for repeated appointments over the next two weeks on days and at times specified by him. If she refused, or he had to come and get her then she would spend those weeks in his cell.

To make sure of her compliance Wentworth was only letting her leave after that day if she signed a new contract stipulating that she would under a year-long mentoring course under his direction if she did skip out.

Carolyn gulped when she read it, but she was in no doubt that this man could find her again and two weeks in a cell was not an option. A building this old must have had rats in the basement at the very least.

“So what happens next?” Carolyn asked breathily.

“Next I am going to put you over my knee and give you the long hard spanking you definitely have coming,” Wentworth told her, “And then I think we will explore some of those sorority-style options you elaborated upon before… and some you didn’t… Patty has been filling me in over the last couple of weeks. It sounds like you girls knew how to have a good time back in college.”

Carolyn’s mouth hung open and she shot Patty an accusatory look.

“Look…” she said using her best assertive voice, a hard trick to pull off when one was standing around in underwear.

“No Miss Brady, you look, you hired me remember, you thought you could get your jollies by playing me for a bit of excitement. You think this is a game? I have worked for the Government and people you wouldn’t believe. Justice Adjustment is a serious business.” Wentworth was standing tall now and was the picture of indignant paternalism.

Back when she had been handled by Mrs Keaton she had quietly dreamt of a man handling her like some hero out of the movies, but Wentworth was right, this was no game.

“H-how… I mean… what…?” Carolyn spluttered.

But Wentworth made his move and decided to show her. Part of him hated these society dames and their ‘slumming it’ attitudes, but part of him felt sorry for her. She just needed a firm hand from time to time and a year with this Keaton woman just hadn’t got the job done. Not that the sorority high jinks would have done her any harm but they didn’t really cut it with him. In fact it may have made his job harder since by the sounds of it this was one tough kid used to some pretty rough handling.

Taking her arm he led her tottering towards a chair while she rapidly blinked her distress. Then once there he sat down and tipped her across his lap so that her pantie sheathed behind was upper most in his lap.

A small “oh” escaped Carolyn’s throat and she couldn’t help jiggling her behind.

Meanwhile a smirking Patty leaned back against the wall and took a long slow drag of a cigarette as she watched the show; a coil of blue smoke rolling around the room adding to the steamy effect.

Carolyn, who had never been so intimate with a man gasped audibly as Wentworth tugged at her white silk de Givenchy briefs, which stretched a little before they let go and slid down her thighs with a whisper.

Patty grinned openly as the full alabaster bottom came into view, curves that both at once managed to appear pert and chubby, a good spankable hiney, she thought.

Wentworth too was not unmoved, in fact he even felt his little friend perk up a bit at the vista, not that he would allow any distractions. When a dame needed a spanking she needed a spanking and he was the man to do it.

He let his arm rise to just above his shoulder and brought it down sharply with a satisfying smack. It must have stung Carolyn even more than she was expecting because she squealed.

“We are only just getting started Miss Brady,” Wentworth muttered.

With that he let his arm slowly fall and rise for a traditional stinging warm-up while Carolyn wriggled and gasped, her bottom quickly turning bright pink on its way to full red. Then he upped the pace and really went to town.

“Oh my,” Carolyn wailed but the rest of what she said was lost in mewling and a consternation of pain was written on her face.

“Good job boss,” Patty chuckled. She had often been on the receiving end herself but didn’t always get to watch.

“Glad… you… think… so,” Wentworth said, each word coinciding with a spank.

Carolyn had begun to grunt and groan under the assault and her ever reddening bottom was certainly testimony to the effectiveness of Wentworth’s spanking hand.

“Okay, okay I get it… I’m sorry, you can stop now,” she gasped in a by now very damp voice.

But if Wentworth heard he made no show of it, he had a spanking to hand out and it was going to take a while. In fact a good 10 minutes of relentless spanking went by before he even began to slow, each swat chipping away at Carolyn’s resolve until she final broke into sobs.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she coughed, a mess of Maybelline smearing her face.

“Now young lady,” Wentworth said sternly as he brought the spanking to a stop. “You know where you’re going next don’t you?”

A very miserable Carolyn nodded and shot a glance to where she had seen Patty standing not two weeks before.

“That’s right,” Wentworth chuckled.

As Carolyn gained her feet she looked like a girl on her way to her execution she as shielded her forward modesty with her cupped hands and stumbled to the corner.

“Oh honey it ain’t so bad,” Patty said gleefully, “Unless a client comes in that is,” she added.

Carolyn gave her a wide-eyed look of horror and gasped.

“Honey,” Patty said sharply pointing, “the corner.”

“Hey, that’s my line,” Wentworth said in faux indignation.

“Just allowing you to delegate,” Patty giggled.

“This is… it’s so…” Carolyn muttered breathlessly.

“Ain’t it just,” Patty agreed ruefully, but not feeling the least bit sympathetic.

6 Responses to “The Justice Adjustment”

  1. Really enjoyed this! I hope there’s more to come!

  2. 3 Raffe

    After all her experiences, she should have taken it a lot better. In fact I was expecting a little rebelion. She gave in too soon on the new contract. William wouldn’t lock her up for two weeks. What’s the fun in that. I mean she got a lot worse in college.

    So I think it would have been more fun if she took the first spanking didn’t sign the second contract and run for the remaining term of the deal.

    DJ you should let the girls win once.

    • 4 DJ

      She didn’t sign a new contract – she was threatened with one or the basement alternative if she ran out on the old contract.

      People need to see clear reasons for their choices and actions.

  3. 5 Tony

    You know that sorority part got my attention. I hope there’s a part two with more sorority spanking mentioned.

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