Weekly Round-up


wr 0181_isobels_wet_spanking_stills-008-630x350 wr big-bottom-spanking1-640x496 wr chelsea-paddle-blur-500x333 wr hospital-gown wr tumblr_ndsqzpUUae1rs4xi1o1_500 wr tumblr_ndy36lNO8f1r3bw1bo1_1280I am not here and I have not been here for some time. I left a robot in charge of the shop and frankly I am worried.

As you probably know robot is Czech for slave so in this case my robot is pretty and sometimes messes up. So you know what will happen to her when I get back.

Acknowledging Imperfection has a post about an old post of mine with a really good quote. It is odd seeing yourself quoted especially when you don’t recognise the words.

Cherry Red has a round of image galleries.

The pictures today are from: Able, All Things Spanking, Blossom and Thorn, Cutiepie, Scarlet’s Real Magic and Spanking Blogg.

5 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. Hi DJ-

    I’ll admit it took some time to figure out where I remembered that from. Had good fun digging through the archive though; brought back plenty of fun memories 🙂

    Best wishes to your and the slave ;). I’ve heard there’s new research out on the wonders of chocolate in addressing performance issues. . .


  2. 3 George

    I prefer the second one.Maybe a man giving and a woman receiving to me look the perfect way 😉

  3. 4 kony83

    Actually, robot isnt Czech for slave (that would be otrok), robot was created from the word robit (to work), so robot=worker. And robit is considered as archaic word anyway.

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