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243 car1 clare-fonda-friends-otk-500x350 tumblr_ndlp7sWCSo1sy4tc3o1_500 vlcsnap-2014-10-17-12h31m19s74I sometimes wonder what the reader of this blog imagines about how and where it is written. I have spoken about my attic and my castle high on a hill in London, perhaps I have even mentioned the open fire and antique desk, it is hard now to recall.

Today the open fire isn’t lit and in any case it is a long way from the attic, which is not a metaphorical attic, although sadly the castle is.

On a good week I will sit contemplatively on a Sunday afternoon and write what will be the next day’s (today’s post), with great deliberation scanning and reading all the blogs out there. On a bad week I sit at my desk (in the attic until the study is decorated) on a busy Monday waiting for people to call me back and squeezing a line out between appointments.

Today is such a day and I can’t in all honesty say I have given Spankville the attention it deserves, but you already knew that since many of these round-ups are written at such times. So unfortunately this post is more about me than the others, but stay with it.

I have had a lot (and I do mean quite a bit) of interest in Abraham Heights and people variously suggesting, urging, willing, begging, threatening and demanding that I post a new instalment. Most of these people are rather keen on Donna and her adventures, which is both gratifying and challenging.

The original intention of this series was to write loosely connected random stand-alone shorts that would perhaps over time paint a picture of an impossible town somewhere in provincial America. This is still my hope.

The town was originally born in a short story called the Tutor, which does not even mention Abraham Heights and began to take shape in a story called The Abraham Heights Pre-Scool Graduation Barbecue.

Tomorrow there will be another standalone short just to keep the pot boiling, although it will not feature any of the current characters.

Nor is this only story that has been in demand. Ad Astra, Raw and even Angela have been asked after and all will get an airing in the middling future; so too will the Sinclair Method which has stalled a little but still on the desk so to speak, and will be revisited soon.

There is also a huge demand for Magic and many of you want to buy it all again. It is a huge work and edits and rewrites (to sharpen it and shake out plot errors) are halfway through. I may even write a couple of extra chapters.

Anyway, that is enough about all of that, on to the rest of the round-up.

Love Our Lurker’s 9 is coming up on November 12/13 thanks to Hermione who is continuing Bonnie’s work. More about that nearer the time.

Pixie has a post about the height of chairs and the impact it has on spanking.

The Spank Statement continues its theatre features with more pictures and the stories behind all those collectables Richard Windsor unearths.

The pictures this week were found on: About Spanking, All Things Spanking, Acknowledging Imperfection and RollinScarlet’s Real Magic.

In most cases you can track back to the likes of Scarlet Hill, Dreams of Spanking, Stand Corrected, Raven Hill and or Clare Fonda where these images originated.

On that note I am considering adding professional sites to a separate blog roll to show our appreciation of all those people willing to put money and bottoms to make some great images. What do you think?

11 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I’ve always imagined you in the attic writing these. Funny you should mention it! I can even see the attic (some cobwebs and such)…

  2. Professional /blog area is a great idea. Love the attic/fireplace, castle images.
    Thanks for the update and of course another good roundup!

    • 6 DJ

      attic high vantage over London and fire place all real – castle sadly not so much 😉

  3. I, personally, am absolutely loving A Winter’s Tale. Immensely.

  4. DJ, I think having a separate blog roll for professional sites is a splendid idea. Since we all gain so much from them they should have their own place of honor.
    As I have said before I enjoy all of your writing but for some reason Abraham Heights and especially the misadventures of Dr. Donna Warren have caught my fancy. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment with all new characters. Your expansion of your Abraham Heights world just makes it more enjoyable for us readers.

  5. I like imagining you in a study lined with books and velvet draperies…maybe with a naughty girl in the corner. 🙂 But thinking about an attic overlooking London is pretty nice, too. LOVE everything you write but A Winter’s Tale is my favorite. xo, Scarlet

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