Weekly Round-Up


1wr About16 1wr police women spanked 1wr spanking1 1wr Their-Double-Spanking 1wr tumblr_n7amsjjnh31s1gcxio1_500 1wr window-lineup-3-impsBeen trying to stay abreast of things this week; for one thing I finally added Dom With Pen’s new blog to my blogroll among others, so do check them out. Thanks to Scarlet for the heads up.

I noticed that All Things Spanking has been having Google trouble. They really don’t like spanking.

Bonnie has just passed the 17 million mark at her old blog. Now that’s popular; she hasn’t updated it for some time now. Her new blog is here.

The Spank Statement continues to update regularly with some really good inside gen from the movies and theatreland.

Here are this week’s pictures taken from: About Spanking, Blossom and Thorn, Cutiepie, The Dominant World, Ronnie Soul, Scarlet’s Real Magic and Spanking Starlets.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 cindy2

    Abreast or abottom, DJ?

  2. The third picture down, which is credited to something called “The Dominant World” is from the Shadow Lane video “Department Store Discipline”, more details here: http://www.shadowlane.com/125-1.html

    • 4 DJ

      Thanks Tony – I wasn’t crediting to Dominant World as such only saying where I found it – good to know its origins. 🙂

  3. Great blog roll. And yummy pictures as usual…

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