Pretty Maids All in a Row


korea spankingI don’t suppose this picture has anything to do with it, but there was a brief story about a mass caning of young women in a secretarial school in Korea. Apparently some teacher lost his rag with a whole class. The story was accompanied by a grainy newspaper photo of genuinely welted bottoms half exposed like those above.

I found the story online  a few weeks back at 2.30 in the morning and didn’t read it properly. I left it open on my desk so I could return to it but the damn PC did an auto update and rebooted overnight. I wasn’t going to bother with it as a post, being so vague, but after seeing this picture I thought I would run it up the flag pole to see if anyone saw the same story.

6 Responses to “Pretty Maids All in a Row”

  1. 1 Tony

    I would love to know the real details of this picture. How is every girl in the class bare bottomed and bending over. They are either waiting to be punished or they are getting a physical.

  2. 2 jimisim

    I was told at a meeting by a very highly qualified professional young woman, now in a senior position in England, that when she was at school in S Korea in the early noughties the cane was widely used and if you protested then one was held down by force and beaten harder.
    The reason that this conversation came about is that I was moaning about the awful grammar and spelling and narrow spectrum of knowledge of many recent British science graduates, and she sought me out over coffee for a conversation and completely agreed.
    I am absolutely true that this is true.

    • 3 Crissy

      Although rod or cane was widely used in S Korea school in the past, very few schools use corporal punishment these days. Also, the pic looks Japanese school. This is because the class uniform is Japanese style and there are some Japanese characters on the black board.

      • 4 DJ

        The picture above has nothing to do with the post I lost – I was just put in mind of it and nabbed this as an illustration. I suppose there is an element of cultralism in using a Japanese picture for a Korean story just because they are all vaguely from the same corner of the globe. Like using a German Octoberfest picture for a story about English Beer and then saying oh well that will do.

        The actual caning picture (like the mass school caning of girls reported at corpun) looked real enough suggesting that such things happen but the fact that it reached the news probably means it is not accepted in the mainstream anymore.

        I only drew upon it because I am sure it said secretarial college and not a school – but maybe that was wrong too.

        Hey IO could have dreamed it 🙂

        Thanks Crissy, Jimsin and Tony

  3. 5 Richard

    For some reason i no longer get pictures only the images in the words

    • 6 DJ

      No known issues this end – I hope it sorts itself out.

      I have heard of issues like this when viewed on a phone – or maybe your images have been turned off by chance?

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