Vintage Sunday


spanking spanking spanking

6 Responses to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. The top photo is just beautiful. So realistic. Like walking past the window of a typical household of a naughty teen daughter after my time machine landed on a Saturday evening.

  2. Now that is a real birch ! My favorite implement for the punishment of the bared female behind.We don’t see enough of it,either in use or in photographic form.I remember in my distant yputh seeing black and white photographs of a woman who had been birched over thin knickers and the birch thongs had cut through the stretched material thus baring the whipped bottom flesh.Believe it or not !
    i would like to see the birch installed in all women’s penal establishments especially for the use on all female prisoners convicted of child abuse.What about it ?

    • 4 DJ

      why stop there? why not chop off their heads or nuke any country we vaguely disapprove of?

  3. Dont be ridiculous DJ. Dont ask for comment and then go to extremes.It is all a world of fantasy you know.You start the game and then go all holy !!!

    • 6 DJ

      okay Dougnic – but please stay away from manifestos – sex crimes and discussion of not suitable here. But you are right – I should have just ignored it.

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