TV Spanking


tomorrow peopletomorrow people spankingHere is another curio from the original 1970s TV sci-fi The Tomorrow People. US actress (as they were called back then) Sandra Dickinson (an alien girl called Emily) is spanked by Nicholas Young who played the original John character, who is still featured in the latest US remake of the show.

In this episode of the show aliens visit Earth with a very different view of how men should be treated and kidnap John and torture him into cooperating. The scene below is the climax where he has escaped and is attempting to resolve the situation.

Contrast this with the comedy sketch from the Two Ronnies featured here a few week’s back. Reverse gender roles resolved by spanking seems to have been a theme of the 1970s.

Interestingly, in this episode Sandra appeared alongside her later husband Peter Davidson who went on to play Dr Who.

Ms Dickinson also played Trillian in the early 1980s TV version of Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy.

Tomorrow People

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