Yesteryear spanking in the workplace


1930 spanking 1930 spankingThis snippet is from the Toronto-based publication, Justice Weekly, in 1949. It is taken from a letter from a woman who recounted her experience as a clerical worker in an office during the Depression.

She it she tells of how she was caught stealing from her employer and was almost dismissed. Her boss was so moved by her apologies and her genuine contrition that he offered to handle the situation as if she was his daughter.

He made it quite clear that if she had been his daughter that he would have put her across his knee and given her a sound spanking on her bare bottom. As she was guilty she received this news with some grateful relief and readily agreed.

She does not say explicitly that he carried out his threat of a bare bottom spanking but admits that it was a thoroughly embarrassing and painful experience. Even some years after the event the woman expressed gratitude to her boss for spanking her and in the letter she tells that despite her embarrassment that they remained friends.

3 Responses to “Yesteryear spanking in the workplace”

  1. 1 js666

    I believe this pic comes from an American tour by British spanking advocate extraordinaire Eric Wildman, who tried to interest us Yanks in the use of the cane. He got a volunteer from the secretarial pool to help him demonstrate.

  1. 1 Do not steal

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