Spanking in the1950s


1950s nudeThis is from an early 1970s magazine article called Pop Goes the Music. This partial cutting, a poor photocopy, was sent in by Emmy Z, so thanks to her. It was hard to read and mostly concerned interviews with long forgotten music acts in an article about parents’ reactions to the music business and their pursuit of it.

Under the sub-heading ‘spanking’ were these two contributions.

A dancer called Jaclyn Jazz said: “Encouragement, not exactly. In fact when my Pop found out I had quit college to take up dancing he spanked the bejesus out of me. I mean I was almost 21 and thought I was beyond such crap, but Pop didn’t see it that way. It was about four years before he even came to see me in a show.”

Elisabeth Anne Dee, a backing singer with a group called the Psychedelics, told of her home town’s reaction to her chosen career way back when she started in the 50s.

“Back home in those days even girls out of high school got a spanking for cursing or any bad behaviour. My elder sister even got a bare-bottom switching after being caught smoking when she was 19. Even so I didn’t expect quite the reaction I got on a visit home after my first tour. I was around 19 or 20 myself back then and I remember getting off the bus and sashaying down Main Street in a pair of skin tight ski pants and some pretty full-on make-up. My parents weren’t best pleased but you should have seen the looks I got from folks around town. I thought I looked cool until my old high school teacher pulled up alongside me and told me to get in. She took me to her place, all the while she was driving she was bawling me out about my look.”

The next part was too dark too read clearly, but it later continued.

“Before I knew it I was over her knee getting the spanking of my life. When I complained and told her she was crazy she yanked my ski-pants and panties down and let me have it bare-bottomed. Later she even put me in the corner while she fished out a skirt before driving me home. I didn’t argue.”

“I didn’t sit down easy for a day or two but you can bet I didn’t tell anyone. But that was how it was back then.”

7 Responses to “Spanking in the1950s”

  1. Love that image.

  2. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Fascinating. These tales speak of a very different time, one when not only parents felt empowered to enforce standards of public morality. It reminds me of this passage I ran across a while ago about women in the “Beat” generation who tried to rebel. Much as we may romanticize spanking and enjoy thinking back to the past, this passage underscores for me the reality of the strictures women lived under in those times. Quoted from the “This is Endless” Tumblr via Maggie Mayhem:

    “A woman from the audience asks: ‘Why were there so few women among the Beat writers?’ and [Gregory] Corso, suddenly utterly serious, leans forward and says: “There were women, they were there, I knew them, their families put them in institutions, they were given electric shock. In the ’50s if you were male you could be a rebel, but if you were female your families had you locked up.”…”

    I guess that’s what happened to you next, if you were a rebellious woman growing up in the 50s, and repeated spankings didn’t do the trick.

    • 4 DJ

      I have heard of such things. There was a tendency to suspect these women of lesbianism in some cases. It is almost as if if you were radical in one respect then well… also in America people had to contend with anti-communism.

  3. 5 PDBB

    There’s something about the teacher revenge fantasy that strike a chord with me, That strict fifties disciplinarian who was limited to how severely she could deal with a disruptive or misbehaving pupil. But the fifties saw a rise in lawlessness and disrespect in young people, mainly coming from or driven by the *out of control* teenagers. They even named gave them a moniker; they were called JD’s – juvenile delinquents. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the war weariness and the recovery. But someone had to be in charge and there had to be consequences for this wild behavior. So There was a backlash.
    Twenty year old Betty Sue, just barely out of teens and still a *problem child* to her beleaguered widowed mother, was hanging out at the corner by the soda shoppe, listening to her friends harmonizing to the the latest Do- Wop acappella sounds of the day when Mrs. Havershawn, her former history teacher and school disciplinarian admonished her for her immodest appearance and her seemingly frivolous use of time and saying if she were her daughter there would be a spanking and early bed times in the young lady’s future. The reply she received by the emboldened (and embarrassed) *woman child* with prompting from her friends caused the older woman to leave fuming.
    When Betty Sue got home from work the next day, a Friday, she was greeted with a sharp, Betty Sue, Get in Here! Sitting in the living with her mother was Mrs. Havershawn. Two stern faced older woman glared at her. I don’t want to hear any excuses; your general demeanor and what you did and how you spoke to an elder (and a teacher at that) was the last straw, it has gone on for way too long and it ends now!
    You will be spending the weekend as a *pupil* of Mrs. Havershawn and she has my permission to *handle you* any way she sees fit! Mrs. Havershawn and I packed an overnight bag for you and there are clothes laid out on the bed she has chosen for you and if I were you, I’d try real hard to show her how cooperative you can be. But M-Mom… You were told to do something, if I have to get up, your lesson will start a lot sooner than you will like, Mrs. Havershawn warned! A little more foot dragging and then a motion of Mrs. Havershawn attempting to get up, caused Betty Sue to run to her room.
    On her bed was a pair of pajamas and a pair of plain white, nylon, full cut panties. Slippers and a bathrobe completed the selection. She stalled as long as she she thought judicious, hoping that they were just scaring her and that they would relent. A call from the living room warning her, if she wasn’t downstairs and ready to leave in two minutes, there would be hell to pay! A petulant *child* (ready for bed) stood before the two standing adults. She was handed her overnight and Mrs. Havershawn asked for the girls free hand. She asked again. This time a little more firmly and aggressively. It was reluctantly given. Before the weekend is out, you will be much more responsive and obedient – I promise you that young lady!
    On the ride to her former teacher’s house she was informed that Saturday was the teacher’s *special Saturday detention* and that she[Betty Sue] would be one of the detainees. This caused her petulant attitude to deepen. No further description of what she was in for was forth coming. Even when asked by the deflated young woman save to say, that I think you know what I would do if you were my daughter? And for the weekend, I think you are by virtue of loco parentis, just that! It was then Betty Sue remembered last nights *embarrassing* “early bed time and a Spanking”!
    On arrival to her teacher’s home, she was shown to her bedroom, told to put down her bag, hang up her bathrobe and follow her. She was led to the teacher’s bedroom, where Mrs. Havershawn took a seat at her vanity and ordered the girl to stand in front of her. Standing sheepishly in front of her in just an old pair of pajamas, she was almost grown out of, she saw the strict teacher reach for the large hairbrush on the vanity and place it in her waiting lap. She reached up and pulled down the pajama bottoms with a begging protest and a feeble attempt to prevent the skinning down of meager covering. If you do not remove your hands young lady, the spanking will be given without anything between my brush and your bottom! For some reason Betty Sue thought the thin nylon would still blunt the effect of the ominous spanking or the thought of a bare bottom was just too humiliating to comprehend. She complied.
    From the first spank she realized the thin nylon only offered a psychological advantage and was no hero by the the third or forth smack. Before Mrs.Havershawn stood her up she was a rubber faced, sore bottomed, well punished little girl that was led off to an early bed time.
    In the morning she was awakened early by the teacher who warned her to hurry to get ready, as she didn’t want to be late for her promised appointment. The stiff and sore girl washed and came back to her room to find her old school clothes laid out complete to saddle shoes. The throbbing pain in her backside told her not to object. She was called down breakfast. Not being hungry was ignored and she was told to sit! No need describing what a chore that was. The *mother/ daughter* pair left for the planned 12 hour special detention. It was arranged like that to really have an impact and was enhanced by long periods of standing facing a bare corner. Betty Sue’s corner time was done, being made to Sit facing the corner. In the course of the day Mrs. Haveshawn further humiliated Betty Sue with a warning that if her daughter was punished in school she would have a long *Painful* discussion with her when she got home! This caused the near adult to openly cry, knowing that Mrs. Havershawn always remembers her promises!

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