Spanking in Comics


campus_loves_no_5_splash2 spanking spankingspanking spankingOne of my earliest memories of exposure to spanking was through comics. Mostly it was a school setting and there was something about it that intrigued me. It was pure gold when a girl was getting spanked or caned although these incidents were rare.

As I got older and Marvel beckoned Susan Storm (AKA The Invisible Woman) was a regular recipient and I began to see that not only was there was spanking beyond school but that apparently women were never too old to be spanked. In fact in comic world women were more likely to be spanked than schoolgirls.

I did not realise then that the golden age had passed and that gender politics had reared its boring but necessary head even in comics so I missed out on many great scenes. It was remiss of me to favour Marvel over DC as the latter was much slower in embracing political correctness and even in my day spankings seem to have been more frequent in these comics.

Looking back what surprises me (or would have in those days) is the amount of romance magazines aimed at girls that included spanking. Some of the pictures I have discovered are probably from adult BD comics from the continent and would not have been available to me until much later anyway.

Above and in a future posts I will republish a handful of images of this type, all of which I chanced upon on vanilla blogs and sites and many of which I had not seen before.

The Chicago Spanking Review (linked right) probably already has most of these and many more like them.

4 Responses to “Spanking in Comics”

  1. 1 cindy2

    Re. the first picture: The square of the number of strokes to her right cheek plus the square of the number of strokes to her left cheek should be equal to the square of the number of times she is required to write on the board (to the left of the right triangle), “I promise to be better in the future.”

  2. “Gender politics had reared its boring head…” Love that.

  3. 3 Lars Christian Steenberg

    – You wouldn’t dare! – That is probably the stupidest thing a young lady can say when threatened with a spanking. Any man with red blood in his veins will make sure that he proves to her that he does dare – as we see in the second story where a man sets out to teach his young wife a lesson.

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