Weekly Round-Up


spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spankingI wish I had more time for these round-ups (why is that always a theme here?) but the truth is I don’t have as much opportunity to visit the glorious work of my fellow bloggers as I would like. Nevertheless there is a lot to find out there, notwithstanding Tumblr’s determination to close so many blogs.

On a lighter note many people have had time to send me pictures, anecdotes and many other interesting little snippets. I hope I have thanked everyone individually for their contributions and do so again here publically. Be assured that no identifying information will be published (reckless of one or two of you to share certain pieces of information) and material will only be used in an agreed format. Much of what has been sent has been used and there is more to come, but one or two of you have agreed firstly to be heavily edited (where needed) without ranker and to allow some material to be held back for possible use in a future project; more on that at a later date.

Can I remind people though that only anecdotes about women over 18 can be used as a matter of standing policy? It would be helpful if those commenting would bare that in mind too.

Now back to this last week.

It is rather picture heavy this week (although I don’t get many complaints on that score as it probably cuts down on my waffle). But before we get to that Natasha Knight has the latest of her successful stories out and Ronnie Soul has a short story by PN Deadaux.

Cherry Red has a post about image galleries you can explore.

The pictures above were found at: AAA, Able, All Things Spanking, Blossom and Thorn, CutiePie and the Spanking Blogg.


9 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Thanks for the mention and the photos. I want to know the stories behind all of them…

  2. 4 George

    Each photo has its value. Real life, I hope…
    Adult daughters’ emails are welcome

  3. Thank you for the mention. Not read any of his stories before.


  4. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images! I always enjoy your weekly round ups.

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