With Friends Like These


corner time shameNot a real photo I think but I like the theme.

9 Responses to “With Friends Like These”

  1. 1 Becky

    This would be my worst nightmare. Being made to do corner time in my school uniform with my caned behind on display in front of my friends or colleagues. The humiliation would be unbearable. Becky

  2. 3 Mistress

    If you are truly as submissive as your other posts indicate you wish to be then perhaps you should let your HoH decide if this may be appropriate. I can understand how humiliating this would be but for some offences it might be appropriate. Has anyone else submitted or been consigned to this fate?

  3. 5 Becky

    The only person who our agreed rules allow me to be seen in front of in this type of situation is Jack’s mother. He never deliberately punishes me in front of her but if I am serving a punishment when she comes to our house or is due to come then I am not spared this additional humiliation. It is a horrible experience but one I have accepted since as part of my role as a subservient housewife it is appropriate that my place should be clear also to my mother-in-law. The only exception is that I am not caned or spanked in front of her. I have therefore endured the situation shown in this photo in front of her of standing facing the wall with my knickers down, in school uniform and actually with my hands on my head. It of course is yet another deterrent to misbehaviour. I do not believe I should be subservient to my friends or colleagues and hence it would not be appropriate to be made to be punished in this way, at least in my case.

  4. 7 Becky

    She has accepted that I need this discipline to fulfil my role as a submissive wife – a role she thinks wholly appropriate. She does not therefore spare the added humiliation which accompanies her seeing me in deserved punishment. She enforces me calling her “Maam” when I am being punished and she spends her valuable time lecturing me as to my faults when I have offended. On the rare occasions my behaviour warrants being confined to school uniform she ensures that I am left in no doubt that having behaved like a child I will be treated like one. She calls me “girl” and underlines the lesson I am being taught by for example checking I am wearing my uniform correctly. She attends the same Church as Jack and I and therefore helps me by feeding back any improvements I could make to Jack when he is not with me.

    I do not have to appear before if I am receiving maintenance.

    Hope this answers your question. I am sure other submissive wives must be punished similarly – it is a very severe but effective penance. Becky

  5. 8 Mistress

    Becky that sounds pretty humiliating. However if you are still not meeting your agreed rules that means they are either too strict (which does not appear to be the case by your own admission) or the sanctions not sever enough to deter you from continued misbehaviour. Its sounds to me like you are still trying to limit your submission. If Jack is reluctant to punish you publically perhaps your Mother-in-law would be willing to discipline you in front of your Church members or treat you like the schoolgirl your behaviour deserves in public.

  6. 9 DJ

    Thank you ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

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