Dr Who and the Spanking in Space


Dr who Prison in SpaceDr who Prison in Space

dr-who-wendy-padburydr who wendy padburyThis may be old news to some, especially Dr Who fans, but for years there have been rumours of a lost spanking episode of Dr Who. The legend goes that a serial of four episodes entitled Prison in Space was scripted and rehearsed to be shown in or around 1967.

I had always assumed that this was a joke or at the very least a bit of fan fiction, but as diehard Whovians will know back in 2010 Big Finish productions revived this script for a BBC audio (visual?) tape production after the script was found by original Dr Who actor Frazer Hines in his garage.

The story stars Frazer and his former co-star Wendy Padbury who revive their original roles as Dr Who companions and narrate the whole thing. I have not heard it myself but one review suggests that it is heavy with BDSM imaginary and was originally intended to feature racy skimpy costumes.

However, this was not the reason it was not made. Apparently the producers felt it was too comic and bordered on farce and shelved it.

The story itself concerns a satirical story line where in the future society is ruled by women and any dissenters are sent to this prison in space. Never one to shy away from supressing tyranny the Doctor and his companions, 21st century Zoe (Wendy Padbury) and Scottish Highlander Jamie (Frazer Hines), decide to intervene.

The Doctor and Jamie are imprisoned and Zoe is brainwashed to be a supporter of the regime. Jamie (Frazer Hines), The Doctor (Patrick Troughton), and Zoe (Wendy Padbury) from DrWho in 1967 are pictured above.

Controversially the story includes a shower scene and more to the point for readers here a ‘long spanking.’ Jamie, a character who was apparently often threatening to take a belt to young girls on the show, actually spanks Zoe to re-programme her.

I understand that the story itself is mostly if not entirely audio but there is a suggestion in the review that there are art stills (see above) to support the narrative.

You can read the review here and acquire the Dr Who box set here.

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