The Corner in Real Time


corner time corner time corner time corner timeSee this post.

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  1. 1 PDBB

    The top most picture seems to me to be a near perfect example of Mrs. Main hand [Abraham Heights].
    Having *Had It* with the house mother’s rules, restrictions and heavy handed enforcement, Debra, a rather spoiled girl who was used to getting her way, was driven to organized a rebellion with an element of civil disobedience at its core. Unfortunately for her and her three friends they were the only ones to take part in a flagrant show of disobedience by ignoring curfew and *suggested* dress code.
    Mrs. Main’s heavy hand was never more evident as the *rebels* were made very (VERY) sorry.
    For the next four weeks the openly defiant young women would have their itinerary and venue planned out for them as they were to serve as object lessons and a poignant warning to any other(s) who would dare follow in their path! They were to spend the next four weekends (from Friday after classes to Sunday at lights out)on the hall landing facing the wall! And since they didn’t seem to like the *recommended* dress code they were to stand at attention unencumbered by any concern of what to wear. The fact that any and all could see the *results* of the house mother’s *handiwork* was the deciding factor to not do anything to earn like treatment as they passed anyone of the four sighing or outright sobbing young women facing the bare wall.
    Mrs. Main made sure that the bottoms stayed in a state of angry discomfort with repeated applications of paddle and hairbrush.
    On the last Sunday, after their last visit to the housemother’s room, they were told to prepare for bed and address the assembled dorm to make their formal apologies in the commons room. There was not a trace of rebellion seen or heard in or around the dormitory that night or for some time after that!

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