Always time for a Wild West spanking


cowboy spankingAn advert for quirts in a Sears Roebuck catalogue back in the day included an introduction for the ‘lighter’ model. Apparently the shorter ‘third-weight’ size was perfect for applying to difficult wives as it could be felt through heavy prairie clothing without ‘harming your lady.’ Perfect apparently for those quick corrections.

A quirt is a thong like whip that could be used with one hand on recalcitrant cattle as an instant guidance tool.

One has to ask, what is wrong with an old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking? I know it is a chore but surely there is always time to bare that bottom and do a proper job. Save the junior grade wife-quirt for when she is really in trouble.

I know you ladies (and gentleman) always have time for a quick western spanking. Luckily I have another post on this coming soon.

3 Responses to “Always time for a Wild West spanking”

  1. 1 Leigh Smith

    Love the pic

  2. Just ordered a quirk and cat-o-nine tails from Cane Iac. So lucky hubby was willing to indulge my fantasy and is now really into it. Wild West stories are hot!

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