A Ghost of a Chance


ghost of a chanceLSF are running a publishing story presumably aimed at the 60p ($1) market for mobile phone downloads. For around this sum you can download the single story Ghost of Chance by yours truly.

The publishing blurb runs: Julia decides to investigate why her late uncle’s house will not sell and in the process she uncovers a spooky story of punishment, betrayal and heartache. As a distant relative to Lady Chance it seems that only she can put the ghosts to rest and only by submitting to the punishment Sir Rodney intended for his errant wife all those years ago. So she bravely faces the ghostly Sir Rodney and endures the taste of strap, birch and cane, and her life will never be quite the same again…

You can get it here.

One Response to “A Ghost of a Chance”

  1. 1 Lawrence Kane

    Ghostly story uncovered &. verifiable ?

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