Weekly Round-Up


spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spankingMuch to do and so little time to do it – but that seems to be the story of my life lately. So it is that the Weekly Round-Up is a little late and I even missed a post last week. But it seems a little quiet all round; anyway, enough of that.

I had my second only take down request this week. Happy to oblige and respect anyone who doesn’t want their images associated with this blog. All images are used in good faith and are never exploited commercially. However, I am also happy to credit an image with a link if the image makers want the free publicity.

The Spank Statement is keeping up with some excellent posts. Recently it has a feature on a play that not only features a romantic stage spanking, but even has it in the title as central element of the drama.

Kia over at Acknowledging Imperfect has a short story.

Blossom and Thorn have news about a new Marvel comic Spider woman where the art action focuses on her behind.

About Spanking has a great group spanking picture (above) which seems to be taken from US TV show? Does anybody know?

I love too the cartoon drawing of seven spanked princesses found on the Spanking Blog. I did track it back to the source but Google translate could not handle the text for once and I was none the wiser about what was going on.

Going by the look on her face Pixie seems to be taking it for real in her latest movie. Is that what they mean suffering for one’s art?

Other pictures were taken from: Cutie Pie, Cherry Red and Scarlet’s Real Magic.

7 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. The image of the waitress being spanked in front of customers is from the Shadow Lane video Heidi and Elke. That video was shot in a real restaurant in Studio City, California. More details here: http://shadowlanestore.com/products/heidi-elke

  2. 3 Rollin Hand

    The top picture is unlikely to be a TV show. The blonde in black is Jacqueline Omerta with her partner Vinnie Spit and the dark skinned lady on the right is Bobbie Tawse. This could have been at a Shadowlane party.

  3. The fellow in the suspenders is Dan Rivera, readers of Spank Hard magazine might remember the comic strips Spanky Sal and Sam Swatt that he used to create. The fellow to the right of him and to the left of Bobbie Tawse is Ralph Marvell, who has appeared in many spanking videos for Shadow Lane, Firmhand, etc.

  4. 6 Tom

    The “group” photograph is from a very old Shadowlane video, can’t recall the name but look closely and you’ll surely recognise some of the faces

    • 7 DJ

      Tom and Rollin

      meet Tony Elka spanking movie maker extraordinaire – we have a winner 😉

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