WRNS, spanking and the truth about war time discipline


caned WRNS caned WRNS caned WRNSHere is an intriguing subject that has been covered here many times before. But I recently received an email from a reader who while liking my short story the Special Section, said it was somewhat undermined by its far-fetched in-service punishment set-up.

Usually I wouldn’t care so much as one hopes given the nature of some of my stories that really non-consensual scenarios should remain within fiction. However, I chanced upon the cutting above, which rather supports my source and I was reminded that I previously published these true accounts here, here and also here, which originally served as an inspiration for this Special Section story.

One Response to “WRNS, spanking and the truth about war time discipline”

  1. 1 Richard

    The most fetching women uniform i have seen was a marine in dress uniform bet she looked even better without it bent over an officers desk

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